Tuesday, March 15, 2016

37 IPS of 1994 batch empanelled as JS; women officers dominate in Indian Posts and Telegraph empanelment

AS many as 37 Indian Police Service officers have been empanelled as Government of India joint secretary or joint secretary equivalent. The government has also empanelled 7 officers belonging to 1994 batch Indian Post and Telegraph Account and Finance Service, six of whom being women. Here are the 2 lists of joint secretary empanelment:

JS Empanelled IPS, 1994 Batch 

1. A Ravi Shankar, Andhra Pradesh cadre
2. Kundan Krishna, Bihar cadre
3. Amit Kumar, Bihar cadre
4. Nirmal Kumar Azad, Bihar cadre
5. Anupama Nilekar Chandra, Bihar cadre
6. Himangshu Gupta, Chhattisgarh cadre
7. K Sivarama Prasad Kalluri, Chhattisgarh cadre
8. Rakesh Aggarwal, Himachal Pradesh cadre
9. S Zahur Haidar Zaidi, Himachal Pradesh cadre
10. Navdeep Singh Virk, Haryana cadre
11. Kala Ramachandran, Haryana cadre
12. Sampat Meena, Jharkhand cadre
13. Syed Javaid Mujtaba Gilani, Jammu and Kashmir cadre
14. Muneer Ahmad Ahmad Khan, Jammu and Kashmir cadre
15. Manoj Abraham, Kerala cadre
16. Pronab Mohanty, Karnataka cadre
17. Vineet Agarwal, Maharashtra cadre
18. Manmeet Singh Narang, Madhya Pradesh cadre
19. Anant Kumar Singh, Madhya Pradesh cadre
20. Lupheng Kailun, Manipur-Tripura cadre
21. B Chandra Sekhar, Punjab cadre
22. Neeraja Voruvuru, Punjab cadre
23. Anita Punj, Punjab cadre
24. Malini Agarwal, Rajasthan cadre
25. N Sridhar Rao, Sikkim cadre
26. Apte Vinayak Prabhakar, Telangana cadre
27. Kothakota Srinivasa Reddy, Telangana cadre
28. Anurag, Tripura cadre
29. G Venkataraman, Tamil Nadu cadre
30. Mahesh Kumar Aggarwal, Tamil Nadu cadre
31. Akhil Kumar, UP cadre
32. Sujeet Pandey, UP cadre
33. Dhruva Kant Thakur, UP cadre
34. Neeraj Thakur, UT cadre
35. Anurag Kumar, UT cadre
36. Niraj Kumar Singh, West Bengal cadre
37. Vineet Kumar Goyal, West Bengal cadre

JS Empanelled Indian Post and Telegraph Account and Finance Service Officers, 1994 Batch
1. Anindita Sen Gupta
2. Snigdha Dora
3. Nivedita Srivastava
4. Kalpana Singh
5. Sharon Shefali Gupta
6. Kashi Nath Jha
7. Simmi R Nakra


  1. It's Indian Posts & Telecommunication Accounts and Finance Service.

  2. Lt. General (Retd) KapoorMarch 17, 2016 at 12:51 PM

    These empanelment are a fraud. The Government of India need to re-examine the promotion procedure.

    The post and rank of Joint Secretary to Government of India is equivalent to Major General in the Indian Armed Forces.

    It takes a minimum of 32 to 36 years for an officer (entry through the NDA exam) in the Indian Armed Forces (Army, Nay and Air Force) to get promoted to the rank of SAG scale.

    How is it that the IAS and IPS officers are getting promoted to SAG scale in a minimum of 22 to maximum of 24 years of basic service.

    There is a gap of 10 to 12 years between the rank of Major General and Joint Secretary in IAS/IPS.

    On the other hand, Central Secretariat Service (Group A) and others like ITS get promoted to SAG scale in 28 to 32 years of service.

  3. There are some officers "specially in the IAS and the Foreign Service (Group A)" where officers have been promoted to SAG scale and given Joint Secretary (GOI) positions in Ministries after only completing 19 years service.

    I think the Foreign Service Board and DOPT is playing a joke in the international level.

    India will always remain a poor 3rd world poor country. No where in the world does anyone come up to such a senior rank and scale in 19-21 years of service. These things can only happen in India.