Friday, March 04, 2016

23 IAS officers of 1998 batch empanelled as GoI joint secretaries; Full List

23 IAS officer of 1998 batch have been empanelled for holding the post of joint secretary. The list includes two names of Uttar Pradesh cadre — Alok Kumar-iii and Anil Kumar-iii. It’s because there are two other Alok Kumars of UP cadre (1988 and 1993 batch) and two other Anil Kumars of UP cadre (one in 1989 batch, other not available). Here is the list of 23 IAS officers empanelled as JS:
1. Manish Thakur, Assam cadre
2. Srikant Nagulapalli, Andra Pradesh cadre 
3. Dhananjay Dwivedi, Gujarat cadre
4. Sanjeev Kumar, Gujarat cadre
5. Munish Moudgil, Karnataka cadre
6. Rajeev Kumar Mital, Maharashtra cadre
7. Pravin Chindu Darade, Madhya Pradesh cadre
8. Nikunj Kumar Srivastava, Madhya Pradesh cadre
9. Puneet Agarwal, Madhya Pradesh cadre
10. Vishal Gagan, Odisha cadre
11. Sirra Kauna Raju, Punjab cadre
12. Tatipudi Ravikanth, Rajasthan cadre 
13. Vishal Chauhan, Sikkim cadre 
14. Anandrao Vishnu Patil, Tamil Nadu cadre
15. Pandhari Yadav, Uttar Pradesh cadre
16. Alok Kumar-iii, Uttar Pradesh cadre 
17. Anil Kumar-iii, Uttar Pradesh cadre 
18. Ajay Chauhan, Uttar Pradesh cadre
19. Santosh Dattatraya Vaidya, Uttarakhand cadre
20. Gyanesh Bharti, Uttarakhand cadre
21. Kaling Tayeng, Uttarakhand cadre
22. Narayan Swaroop Nigam, West Bengal cadre
23. Vandana Yadav, West Bengal cadre

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  1. Lt. General (Retd) KapoorMarch 19, 2016 at 10:20 PM

    These empanellment are a fraud. The Government of India need to re-examine the promotion procedure.

    The post and rank of Joint Secretary to Government of India is equivalent to Major General in the Indian Armed Forces.

    It takes a minimum of 32 to 36 years for an officer (entry through the NDA exam) in the Indian Armed Forces (Army, Nay and Air Force) to get promoted to the rank of SAG scale.

    How is it that the IAS and IPS officers are getting promoted to SAG scale in a minimum of 21 to maximum of 24 years of basic service?

    There is a gap of 10 to 12 years between the rank of Major General and Joint Secretary in IAS/IPS!

    On the other hand, Central Secretariat Service (Group A) and others like ITS get promoted to SAG scale in 28 to 32 years of service.