Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Mystery Around Superintendant of Police Salwinder Singh: 10 questions, no answers as yet

IT WAS quite unusual that Gurdaspur Superintendant of Police Salwinder Singh, who was abducted and then dumped by Pathankot airbase attackers, appeared in a number of news channels in the last two days to give his version of the story, even as National Investigation Agency (NIA) decided to question him to piece together the events leading to the Saturday’s pre-dawn terrorist attack, in which seven soldiers including a commando each from the IAF and the NSG were martyred and 20 others were injured. BoI here presents 10 questions and the mystery around this police officer:

1. Why did Singh take an unusual route on the day when 4 to 5 terrorists dressed like Army stopped his SUV and abducted him and two others -- his friend Rajesh Verma and his cook?
2. Did the terrorists know Singh is a police officer? Did they ask him who he is, and what did he reply?
3. Why were the terrorists on such a deadly mission so kind to the police officer that he was left unharmed?
4. When the SP’s gunman who called at his mobile phone revealed to the terrorists (who picked up the phone) that the mobile phone belonged to a police officer, why did not the terrorists come back and attack the SP? The question is why will any terrorist spare a police officer who could potentially alert his men around?
5. As the SP told the news channels, he did alert the police personnel immediately about the movement of terrorists in the area. But why did not senior police officers take Singh seriously?
6. And if his words were actually taken seriously, what were the follow-up actions by Punjab Police?
7. Was Singh’s image (as someone who cracks jokes) the basic reason why the police did not take him seriously?
8. Is there an ongoing sexual harassment case against the police officer?
9. According to media reports, five women constables complained against the SP, and an IG-level woman officer has already been investigating the sexual harassment case. Is it true as one of the woman constables said that she had was called by Singh to ask her why she was standing next to a colleague, and whether she had a relationship with him?
10. Why did the police officer give one interview after another to news channels even before he was questioned by the NIA?


  1. Terrorists never leaves evidences

  2. The promotees have no loyalties at all either to the department or to the country.