Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is Centre worried about officials getting rooted in same ministries? “Carry out rotation”, a new directive says

HAS the government spotted a tendency of corrupt practices as more and more officials are getting rooted in one ministry or department? Maybe yes. In fact, the government has recently directed all ministries and departments under the Central government to “carry out rotation in respect of sensitive and non-sensitive posts” and that too on a priority basis, according to an office memorandum (OM) issued by the department of personnel and training (DoPT) dated September 14, 2015. The move began with cabinet secretary PK Sinha…
chairing a meeting with senior government officials on August 10 to create a mechanism to ensure probity among the government. It was emphasized on the meeting that “rotation needs to be carried out in respect of sensitive posts and non-sensitive posts and review and screening of officers under FR 56(J) within the Ministries”. It was further decided that the DOPT would monitor the implementation and obtain compliance from all ministries in this regard.
Now, all the ministries and departments are requested to look into the matter and carry out rotation in respect of sensitive and non-sensitive posts.
This exercise will however be completed in a time-bound manner, the OM further stated. So, the DoPT has asked all ministries and departments to prioritize the rotation, the inputs of which must be sent to the internal vigilance section “at the very earliest”, the office memorandum added. And the secretary of the department concerned needs to apprise the actions to the cabinet secretary, the instructions said.

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  1. What about corruption by public servants in misusing official resources like road vehicles, unskilled staff kept at residences, weekend duties to meet family (stationed in metro cities)?

    Corruption has ceased to be a dirty word for Indian bureaucracy long ago.

    Jai Ho India.