Tuesday, August 25, 2015

104 units of govt hostels, guest houses in Delhi allotted to 2013 batch IAS officers; “no marriage or other private functions” to be allowed in premises

A night view from a CWG Village flat in Delhi
FOR three months beginning August 31, very few government guest houses or hostels will be left vacant in Delhi, as the Central government has allotted 104 such units located in Commonwealth Games Village, HUDCO Palace, Kidwai Nagar, Curzon Road etc. to young IAS officers of 2013 batch who were recently appointed as assistant secretaries in the Central Secretariat for a period of three months, a first-of-its-kind initiative taken by the department of personnel and training (DoPT). But the government has issued a note of caution to the officers saying that…
the allottees would not be able to use the premises for solemnizing marriage or any other private function during this three-month-period (Aug 31 to Nov 30, 2015). Also, any person other than the officer concerned would not be permitted to use the accommodation, say the “terms and conditions” of the allotment, as issued in an office memorandum dated August 21 by the directorate of estate, an agency that comes under the ministry of urban development. They won’t be able to undertake any commercial activity from those premises, the OM further said.
Altogether 147 IAS officers of 2013 batch are expected to join as assistant secretaries to get a first-hand-experience of the functioning of the Central government ministries. But some of those would prefer private accommodation and will hence get House Rent Allowance (HRA) at the rate of 30% of the basic pay, a rate applicable in the national capital city of Delhi.
According to a DoPT office memorandum dated August 6, 2015, 187 posts of section officer grade of Central Secretariat Service (CSS) were temporarily excluded to accommodate the IAS officers in the central secretariat.
During this three-month-period, the officers have been advised not to take any leave “considering the short period of appointment”.


  1. Shruti Kataria, Ex AIS OfficerAugust 25, 2015 at 2:08 PM

    This a major scam by the Modi Government.

    Historically, the post called Assistant Secretary to Government of India belonged to the Imperial Secretariat Service (now CSS cadre) during British rule. This post did not belong to ICS then and neither IAS now.

    By taking in IAS officers exclusively (by excluding IPS and IFos) and temporarily excluding CSS officers, is pathetic. CSS cadre officers are already suffering because junior IAS get promoted faster and allotted all posts in the center.

  2. Absurd decision by the Govt of India.
    On the job training at resprctive cadre is the best as it provides hands on experience to neutralise political pressures.

    DOP&T’s OM No- 21021/5/2015-Academy Desk dated 10th August,2015, to appoint 158 new IAS officers of 2013 batch as Assistant Secretaries for three months on deputation to central Ministries on completion of phase-II training at LBSNAA.

    States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and others with non-BJP dispensations had opposed it. West Bengal Chief Minister’s office is miffed as it had already issued posting orders for 12 officers with directions to report . The unsavoury confrontation could have been avoided by keeping the State govts in the loop while reviewing the training format . Issuing fatwas without consultation merely generates mutual acrimony.

    The State governments have the wherewithal for 90 days attachments and acquaint officers with policy formulation. One wonders, how will knowledge of central hierarchy and its functioning help officers in discharging their cadre responsibilities more efficiently? State governments have their own work cultures and officers should get attuned to it. Deputation to Centre after waiving the mandatory nine years period is not understood.

    The grapevine has it that the idea of central grooming originated in the PMO. What is the motive? . Was the format issue considered by Secretaries committee ?

    Be that as it may, feedbacks of trainees and State govts must be obtained for impact assessment of DOP&T’s order. dt 10-8-15.

    A K Saxena (A retd civil servant)