Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pradip Baijal Book: Now, another ex-secretary targets former PM Manmohan Singh

AFTER ex-coal secretary PC Parakh, here is yet another ex-bureaucrat -- former disinvestment and telecom secretary Pradip Baijal – who has written a tale-all book that is expected to hog the limelight for the next few days. There have been striking similarities in the way those two former babus chose to come out with the books. After all, both these former bureaucrats are embroiled in ongoing CBI cases, and their books attempt to reveal…
the inside story of decision-making and how they were pressurized during the UPA rule. Actually, the books of these former GoI secretaries do take a holistic approach in policy-making, but the news trigger comes from their target – the bureaucrat-turned former prime minister Manmohan Singh.
Baijal’s new book “The Complete Story of Indian Reforms: 2G, Power and Private Enterprise - A Practitioner’s Diary” alleges that the then prime minister Manmohan Singh warned him that non-cooperation in the 2G case would harm him more. According to news reports, Singh had wanted Baijal to follow the directions of then telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran who had opposed to a paper on a new licensing regime in 2005.
Baijal, a 1966 batch IAS officer, was probed for his role in the 2G scam and also in another case of disinvesting the ITDC-owned Laxmi Vilas Palace hotel (spreading over 29 acres) to Bharat Hotels for 7.52 crore, back in 2002.
The former bureaucrat has written in the book that he had warned many in the UPA-II that the enquiries against him and others would lead back to Singh, as he as the PM had gave nod to the actions of ministers and ministries in his government. “This is precisely what was proved later. The actions of Dayanidhi Maran/(A) Raja/coal minister were approved by him, and he is equally culpable for all the losses computed by the CAG,” Baijal writes in his book, as reported by a leading daily.


  1. Baijal is a hypocrite. He is a self seeking greedy IAS officer who was concerned only about his after retirement job. Baijal was actually dangled the carrot of TRAI chief after retirement if he co-operated and he willingly licked the sumptuous carrot. What a figment of a story that Man Mohan threatened him. Can anyone believe that MMS has the guts to raise his voice. If he had he would not have become the PM choice of Sonia. I hope the Government takes strict disciplinary action against Baijal and he must forfeit his pension. It is high time officers retiring as Secretaries acted responsibly. NAMO should maintain a safe distance and not trust any bureaucrat. They have no accountability and are irresponsible. One question to Baijal. Suppose MMS threatened him that he must agree to sell off the interests of the Country would he have meekly agreed to it ? The generation of IAS officers with high ethics like Appu who had resigned as Director of LBSNAA when a male Probationer was found guilty of misbehaving with a lady IAS probationer. The DoP&T sided with the offending culprit and Appu resigned - with his head held high.

    1. “ Ex- Secretary’s Experiment with truth “
      “The Complete Story of Indian Reforms: 2G, Power and Private Enterprise - A Practitioner’s Diary”. This is the book by Pradip Baijal ,a former union Secretary with explosive details . His role in 2-G scam and disinvestment of govt properties, is under CBI’s scanner. He claims to have been allegedly threatened by Dr Manmohan Singh and the CBI for implicating Arun Shourie and Ratan Tata, failing which he would be in trouble. Baijal is soft-spoken ex-bureaucrat who enjoyed huge clout during UPA regime with plum postings -both in service and thereafter. His words may not be taken at face value. It could be an after-thought. But, his claims of having received threats must be probed. A Lie detector/pollygraphic test, must be carried out on all concerned after taking court's permission.
      A K Saxena (A retd civil servant)

  2. I am agreed with the honest comment of Anonymous.