Friday, May 01, 2015

10 things to know about new petroleum secretary Kapil Dev Tripathi

HERE is an IAS who grew up by the side of the Ganga, but worked in the valley of Brahmaputra. And this 1980 batch Assam cadre IAS is one of the few bureaucrats in India who can speak Sanskrit! Kapil Dev Tripathi on Thursday was named as India’s new petroleum secretary. Here are 10 things you may like to know about Tripathi:

1.  An MSc in physics from Allahabad University, Tripathi originally hails from Uttar Pradesh.
2. But, as this 1980 batch IAS belongs to Assam-Meghalaya cadre, he spent most of his productive years not near the river Ganga, but in the valley of river Brahmaputra.
3. He began his career as an SDO in Marigaon, now a district headquarters in Assam.
4. Later, he became deputy commissioner in districts of Lakhimpur and Golaghat.
5. At the Centre, he was deputy secretary in rural development, private secretary to steel minister and director in tourism ministry.
6.  His 5-year-long tenure in department of public enterprises (DPE) as joint secretary, from 2005 to 2010, turned handy when he was named secretary, DPE in September last year.
7. Earlier, Tripathi also served as secretary to Central Vigilance Commission and headed the anti-corruption watchdog when the then CVC Pradeep Kumar retired.
8. Taking sabbaticals from the service, Tripathi did an MBA from Slovenia in 1993.
9. He knows many languages: English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali and yes, Sanskrit.
10. Tripathi will retire in June 2018.


  1. what are the conditions or clauses to take a sabbatical leave from the civil services?

  2. The genius comes from a village gambhirapur in mirzapur district ...salute

  3. Met him, a very down to earth and genuine person without the air and high hotheadedness of a Babu.

  4. He was also known for the state first in the merit lists of UP Board High School and Intermediate examinations both, which was a record in itself. Even as a student he earned a very high respect from his colleagues and friends circles.

  5. He is extremely simple, generous, genius, hard working, fully dedicated, most disciplined, sweet natured, soft spoken, top order humanitarian, never being angry at all or speaking loudly & of very good handwritings. He never attended any coaching class & remained a self made person. He can prepare an essay/article instantly without or little preparation, he is so great knowledgeable in advance. He topped in High School, Intermediate, B. Sc & M. Sc. He watched only one movie 'Dushman' after passing High School exam with friends Janmejay Singh & Vimal Chand Srivastava. His classmates Shailesh Krishna, V.C. Srivastava, J. Singh, Pradeep Shukla, A. N. Bishnoi, Ramesh Mishra, Vivek Srivastava, Pradeep Kumar, Anil Khanna, Dr. Afzal Ahmed, Hemant Kumar, Salahuddin,... ~ 80% classmates of GIC Allahabad at XII level achieved high places in various services.