Thursday, April 23, 2015

Full list of 56 JS empanelled IRS officers; …but will they ever be joint secretaries?

AS MANY AS 56 IRS (IT) officers of 1988 batch were on Wednesday empanelled for appointment as joint secretary or equivalent at the Centre as against 1997 batch IAS officers who were already appointed as joint secretaries in government of India. The IRS officers have been complaining about their…
late empanelment as joint secretary, something that hampers in their career progression. According to existing norms, there should be only a two-year gap in empanelment of IAS and other Group “A” services officers. But in practice, the gap stretches up to a decade or even more.
Also, the probability of empanelled IRS, IPS or IRTS officers actually getting appointed as joint secretaries is also quite low, as their names at times are not even nominated to the ministries. The procedure is as follows: If a vacancy of a joint secretary arises in a ministry, DoPT’s Establishment Office sends three names to the ministry concerned to choose from. Many a time, the minister or the secretary of the ministry concerned indicates, though informally, which joint secretary she wants. The Establishment Office then obliges by including that name along with two others.
But what if an empanelled joint secretary fails to impress a minister or the secretary of a particular ministry? Also, how someone becomes a joint secretary if his or her name does not feature at all among the names nominated by the Establishment Office?
The IAS officers however argue that they must get preferences over others in appointment of joint secretaries as unlike other services they don’t have a dedicated ministry. If they don't become joint secretaries, what will they be, they argue. Also, they claim they are more experienced to handle policy matters as they work at all levels -- Panchayat, circle, sub-division, district, state and the Centre.
Maybe, this issue could be taken up by the 7th Central Pay Commission which is likely to submit its reports in the next six months.
But the question is: Will these 56 IRS officers who have been empanelled as joint secretaries, be actually joint secretaries in a GoI ministry? Only time will say. Here is the full list of 56 JS empanelled IRS officers:
1. Ms Smita Srivastava
2. Ms Vasundhara Sinha
3. Dheeraj Bhatnagar
4. Ms Reena Jha Tripathi
5. Ms Sunita Bainsla
6. Prashant Bhusan
7. Ms Mitali Madhusmita
8. Sangam N Srivastava
9. Vinod Kumar Tiwari
10. Sanay Kumar Rastogi
11. Radha Raman Pathak
12. Sanjai Kumar Verma
13. Satinder Singh Rana
14. Suresh Kumar
15. Hari Bansh Kr Chaudhary
16. Yeshwant U Chavan
17. Ajay Kumar Srivastava 
18.  Ravi Agarwal
19.  Mohan Kumar Singhania
20. Ms Irina Garg
21. Rajeev Agarwal
22. Anand Kumar
23.  Md Mohsin Alam
24. Ashwani Kumar
25. Pradip Mehrotra
26.  Sunil Mathur
27. T Venkata Reddy
28. Navneet Soni
29. Neena singh Pandey
30. V Anandarajan
31.  Vinod Kumar Goel
32. Devinder Singh Chaudhary
33. Rameshwar Singh
34. Ravinder Sai
35. Keshav Saxena
36. Hareshwar Sharma
37. Gurijala R Reddy
38. Avdesh Kumar Mishra
39. Rajiv Ranjan Singh
40. Bijayananda Pruseth
41. Rajeev Mehrotra
42. Stephen George
43. Simanchala Das
44. Alok Johri
45. Ms Sema Raj
46. Shelly Jindal
47. Kaushal Kr Srivastava
48. Hemant Jawahar Lal
49. Yogendra Kumar Singh
50. Govind Lal
51. Fateh Singh Sirowa
52. Om Prakash Yadav
53. Sugar Lal Meena
54. Om Prakash Meena
55. Shanker Lal Meena
56. Ramesh Chand


  1. IAS lobby and stranglehold is depriving the government of India the services of specialists which would be so necessary. for eg; IRS would do very well in finance, commerce, economic affairs and corporate affairs. IPS would do well in Home and internal security, IRTS in transport ministry so on so forth. but its only IAS in every ministry and they DOPT acts as ministry for IAS alone. its misfortune not only for other services but also country as a whole

  2. There are 5500 + officers just to manage tax system in the country... and there are 4500+ officers to manage all the affairs of the country... Soon the day will come when a group B service guy will request to become Secretary to government of India.. because everyone else is asking... Pay Parity can be provided... special revenue pay can be given to them on lines of military scale pay... but one service any one of all.. has to remain at the top to manage everything... specialist can take home larger pay... but end of the day.. administration has to remain strongest...

  3. Is administration strongest in UP or Bihar?

    Such theories look good in papers only.