Friday, April 24, 2015

Destination Goa or Kutch? Centre relaxes LTC rules to help unmarried government employees

Great Rann of Kutch
IN WHAT could possibly be described as the first benefit especially directed towards the unmarried Central government employees, the Centre has relaxed Leave Travel Concession (LTC) norms to allow unmarried government employees to avail of the LTC facilities while traveling anywhere in the country. In other words, an unmarried government officer belonging to, say Kolkata, can now travel to...
Goa or Sarnath and claim LTC.
A DoPT office memorandum (OM) dated April 21, 2015 clarified that the facility of conversion of Home Town LTC to allow travel to different parts of the country under the special dispensation scheme will now “apply to an unmarried Central Government servant, who is eligible to avail the benefit of LTC to visit home town every year”. “This facility may be availed by converting one occasion of Home Town LTC out of the four Home Town LTC occasions available in a block of four years,” it said.
To put it simply, if you are a married government employee, you travel by air to visit North-East region or to Jammu and Kashmir or to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands by converting one block of Home Town LTC available to you.
And if you are unmarried, you can convert one block of Home Town LTC for traveling to anywhere in the country—be it Goa, Khajuraho or Kutch. You don’t need to restrict your journey to North-East, Jammu and Kashmir or Andaman and Nicobar Islands if you want to skip your journey to the home town.
This is under special dispensation in relaxation to the Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988.
Currently, unmarried Central Government employees, who have left their wholly dependent parents or sisters or minor brothers at their home town are allowed the benefit of LTC to visit their home town every year. An OM dated April 3, 1986 elaborates the details.
But now, an unmarried government employee can travel once in four years to any destination outside of his home town and avail of LTC benefits.

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