Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Modi addresses 183 IAS probationers; quotes Buddha to say: “Light the lamp within you"

PRIME minister Narendra Modi on Monday referred to the teachings of Lord Buddha to motivate 183 IAS probationers who called on him in New Delhi. "Light the lamp within you", PM said while addressing the IAS probationers that included 56 women constituting 31% of the total. PM talked about the difference of bureaucracy in British Raj and today, and explained why an assured career path must not make IAS officers complacent. Here are the 10 things, Modi told those young bureaucrats:

1. Bureaucracy existed even during the British rule. But the officers of that era worked to perpetuate the rule of the British, while in independent India, the objective of administration should be the public interest.
2. Light the lamp within you. It is the inherent goodness that is present in all human beings, which will be the best guide for them in their career.
3. Assured career path that the IAS offers should not make them complacent.
4. The officers should judge themselves not by the posts they hold, but by what difference they have been able to make in the lives of the poor.
5. Many of the services offered by government now are also offered by the private sector. The officers handling such services in government, should judge the quality of their services using the yardstick of the best in that category, and even by international standards.
6. At times, officers from other parts of the country even tried to avoid a posting in the North-East. The core problem is not with policy (neeti), but with practice (reeti).
7. North-East needs improvement in accessibility and connectivity with other parts of India.
8. The 21st century will be India's century, and India will rise to the position of "Vishva Guru".
9. The world has once again started taking note of India's rapid economic growth rate.
10. On defence preparedness, a multi-pronged approach is essential. That involves good relations with all neighbouring countries, and a boost to domestic defence manufacturing capabilities.

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