Thursday, February 12, 2015

DoPT asks ministries to hold in-house weekly training for employees; reports to be submitted to PMO

THE DoPT in a recent circular has asked all departments and ministries once more to immediately start hourly in-house weekly training. The DoPT said, it has to submit the action-taken reports of the departments to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). It was an office memorandum (OM) dated October 17, 2014, the concept of such an in-house weekly training was introduced, but…
there has been no major progress in this respect. And that’s why the new OM has reminded the ministries and departments once more to begin the process. According to the concept, the training programme is to be held every Wednesday between 10 am to 11 am. This initiative is a part of improving the government employees’ Knowledge, Skill and Attitude (KSA) thereby empowering them to function in a citizen-centric manner.
Currently, only senior civil servants are exposed to a number of training programmes including induction training programme, mandatory mid-career training, in-service training etc. But Group B and Group C employees who play a key role in executing the government agenda are often ignored so far as training programmes are concerned.
"The objective of in-house weekly training is to provide training to all employees of the ministry/department on a regular basis without dislocating their work," the October 17 OM said. As the training is in-house in nature, there may not be any additional financial burden for the government.

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