Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why should CBI have an official Twitter handle? Its parody account tracks content about Sarita Bhabi

CBI's past directors
IF America’s premier investigating agency FBI can have a vibrant Twitter Account, why can’t our own CBI have the same? The Twitter handle of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which has over a million followers, regularly uploads interesting content with catchy headlines. Sample this:
One of its tweets says: “Those who make the laws don't have the right to break the laws.” The headline seems applicable even to some of our own politicians who are charged with serious corruption cases. The FBI tweet is however related to one Sheldon Silver, who served as speaker of the New York State Assembly. As alleged, Silver amassed nearly $4 million in illegitimate proceeds thanks to the position that gave him significant power. He also allegedly arranged for about $500,000 in state funds to be used for projects that benefited his personal plans.
FBI’s Twitter handle gives all the latest information about arrests and fugitives. In another interesting Tweet, it gave a link about the case of a stolen violin that its art crime team finally cracked. When a 300-year-old Stradivarius violin (cost could be $5 million) was stolen from Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Frank Almond last year, FBI sleuths thought the theft could be the handiwork of sophisticated art thieves. After cracking the case, it was revealed that the theft was much less glamorous.
The CBI too should upload in its official site some of its best investigations, giving graphic details about how the case is solved. Also, it should have a highly active Twitter handle that updates arrests and other news.
But if you Google for CBI’s Twitter handle, what appears is something bizarre. CBI India’s Twitter handle (@CBI_New_Delhi) is a parody account which tweaked the official logo by naming the agency Central Bhadwa Investigation. And it says, the agency has failed probing terrorism and graft cases. “So from now on we will probe inappropriate content (such as Sarita Bhabhi) on Internet,” declares the CBI’s parody account that however has not been active for the last three years.
So, what's the BoI View? CBI should immediately consider entering into the social media space that it has not explored so far. After all, it’s a simple case to crack!

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