Wednesday, October 01, 2014

3 IAS officers changed their names in 3 months; astrology or fashion?

A GOVERNMENT official recently wrote to BoI: “I know one officer whose name is TPVSS Rao. Strangely with every new posting he would become Sekhar Rao or SS Rao or TP Rao. We used to call him A to Z Rao." Jokes apart, changing one’s name or at least a part of it by senior officers has become somewhat routine, at least when three IAS officers since June this year got permission from the DoPT to do so. Last week, DoPT permitted one IAS officer named…
Dr KS Palanisami, to change his name from Dr KS Palanisami to Dr KS Palanisamy. “He will accordingly be recognised as Dr KS Palanisamy for all official purposes”, said the DoPT circular. Palanisamy, as he will be called now, is a Tamil Nadu cadre IAS officer of 2010 batch.
In July this year, the government permitted additional secretary ranked officer Bhaskar Chandra Khulbe to drop his middle name, “Chandra”. He is a 1983 batch West Bengal cadre IAS who had earlier worked with the ministry of home affairs (MHA), cabinet secretariat and also in personnel department, DoPT.
Then, in June this year, the government permitted 38-year-old Tamil Nadu cadre IAS officer’s name from F Innocent Divya to J Innocent Divya. It could not be known why she wanted to change her name that way.
An earlier BoI post quoted a BBC report published in October 2011 to talk about name change: "…some people also change their names to escape a past or unwanted connection. US-born model and niece of Osama Bin Laden, Wafah Dufour, took her mother's maiden name after the events of 11 September 2001."
But why do senior bureaucrats want to change their names? Is it because of reasons linked to astrology or other faith? Or has it become a mere fashionable trend?


  1. Nobody comments if Shobha De changes hers to Shobhaaa De or Jayalalitha to Jayalalithaa! Why then about any Babu? It is her/his personal .salvation.

  2. i entirely agree. this ABCD Rao an IIRSME switched over ti IRPS and i think he has also retired.