Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cadre allocation, appointment, retirement policies… 12 things where PM is the final word

PM Modi
IT HAS always been the case that prime minister is the final authority in posting and transfer of officers of joint secretary and above. But in reality, PM just okays the file seen by his principal secretary. Now, new prime minister Narendra Modi makes it clear that he is the final word on variety of issues including posting, transfer and cadre allocation etc. Here are some of the matters where…
PM’s approval will be mandatory according to reports quoting a newly-circulated note detailing work and final authority for disposal of matters handled by ministries.
1. All cabinet notes concerning DoPT
2. Posting and transfer of officers of the level of joint secretary and above.
3. Cadre allocation to officers.
4. Matters relating to Lokpal, CVC, RTI, and anti-corruption policy.
5. Cases under Article 311(2) of the Constitution of persons found involved in subversive activities.
6. Policies on retirement age of bureaucrats.
7. Representation of minorities.
8. Policies on reservation of government jobs.
9. Disciplinary actions against IAS and Grade 1 CSS officers.
10. RTI Policies
11. Constitution of any new All India Service (for example, there have been talks of creating an Indian Education Service and Indian Legal Service!)
12. Review of cases of IAS officers for continuance in service beyond the age of 50 years or after 30 years of service.
To illustrate the power that PM will now exercise, let’s explain it by an example. For appointment of a joint secretary empanelled officer to a particular ministry, say, Power Ministry, following is the convention: The Establishment Officer (EO) who works under DoPT secretary will send a panel of three joint secretary-empanelled officers to the ministry of power. The power minister will decide on one name and there are 99% chances that the officer identified gets clearance from the PMO. Only in case of secretary-level appointment, principal secretary to PM and cabinet secretary make the decision.
Under the new rules, it will be the PM himself who will decide who to appoint as power ministry joint secretary.
Understandably, the PMO is turning more powerful every passing day.


  1. This will end bhai bhatijawad in DoP&T. Favoritism in Transfer posting, appointments on deputation etc are the biggest cause of grievances in GOI. We are happy to have a strong Prime Minister who takes responsibility and is decisive. why should the Prime Minister only routinely initial files? In fact the whole administrative set up has become lethargic. In File notings everyone i.e officers, secretary and Ministers are habitual of merely initialing files. This way they dispose off the File but not the problem. Quality of decision making in GOI is very poor due to non application of mind. Decisions are arbitrary. Ministers do not read files and merely initial, later on when wrongness of decision is pointed out they adamantly stick to the wrong stand. Secretaries should be held accountable and responsible for each word and content of File Noting of their subordinates which has been cleared by them. It will take a long time for the lethargic work culture to improve. Good, the Prime Minister is leading from the front.

  2. under Modi, administration is becoming more IAS centric. Apartheid against other services will only increase now

  3. What does it mean Apartheid to a performer or non performer, humans in highest services cadre should have appropriate discrimination which would be thought in that expensive training costing the exchequer otherwise there are many who could better than those got selected.

  4. Hope some action is taken one the post retirement sincecures abused by anyone with means to supplement their income.

    It is with a great sadness,impotent rage and frustration that I am urging a strong protest against the present practice of sinecures and post retirement perks for retired senior officials.
    Given the present state of umemployment in the country ,with the vast majority ekeing out a living, these post retirement sincecures which cost the exchequer no less than Rs 10000/ per re-employed babu ,at the very least, are a drain and a slap in the face of the vast majority of the unemployed masses especially the youth.

    Senior officials are usually given assignments under clever subterfuges in state funded organizations in a brazen manner,
    designed to enhance the meager pensions of retired senior bureaucrats. It is a well known fact that most ofthe work is infructous and redundantand camouflaged in officious sounding sounding nomenclatures and at the lowest rung this assumes the atrocious identities as consultants. This is a new method employed the organizations like the CGA to reemploy their retired senior officials at a fixed salary. This is nothing but open loot by the senior establishment, and technically it has no DOPT sanction. DOPT and the Ministry of finance owe the people an explanation for the scam which has assumed gargantuan propotions after what began as a sinecure for retired judges appointed to various commissions.

    This can also be filed as a public interest litigation in the Supreme Court..where ,a favourable consideration can be expected notwithstanding the fact that a few senior judges are themsleves beneficiaries of post retirement sinecures.

  5. kudos to the move to ban first class air travel.
    Most domestic trips as well are junkets with no value.
    Banning business class as well makes sense as no one has a right to luxuriate on taxpayers money at all.This move alone can save

    crores in TA which can instead be used for better pay for govt servants across the board..
    Remember that most beficiaries of travel are upper officials.The lower ones always got a raw deal under the N'ruvian consensus.


  6. Kindly abolish Gazetted and classifications into Group A,B and C in Govt. etc as this breeds an ivory tower mentality. Many talented
    persons in Non Class 1 cadre languish for lack of opportunities and promotional avenues. Sir, since you have risen from the

    grassroots hope you can feel the pain and anguish of those suppressed by the crushing weight of Group A.Kindly make it 5

    promotions over 30 years for non Group A with at least 1 or 2 promotions involving a change in designation unlile the present one

    where there only a change in grade pay. The earlier orders of the NDA govt. were sabotaged and diluted by the bureaucrats.Please
    act proactively Sir and earn the gratitude of millions of Govt. servants.

  7. CLASS 1

    Even after 50 years of independence, the vestiges of British rule cannot be erased from the civilian bureaucracy. It is with great

    anguish we pour our feelings out, and hope that the highest level of the political leadership considers it sympathetically and avoid any

    inaction by vested bureacratic interests.

    The non-class 1 i.e the Group B,C are an aggrieved lot.
    The very structure and nomenclature of the civil service wherein employees are
    categorized into groups from A to C breeds an ivory tower mentality and hubris in the direct recruit class 1 and you come across

    many instances where promotees from the lower rungs who rise from the grassroots are treated with disdain by persons holding

    equivalent rank and grade pay whose only claim to the superior status is their direct entry into the hallowed portals of Group A


    The classification of the services under Gazetted-non-Gazetted , Group A, B and C has created a virtual Aparthied like situation

    wherein we come across cases of Group A officers having a disdainful and supercilious attitude towards their non UPSC, Non Class

    1 subordinates bordering on hubris.This over time crates an ivory tower mentality.What is so sacrosanct about this classification that
    it is leads to vested interests protecting their turfs and how can you have social justice in society when the civil service itself has

    such an inegalitarian hierarchal structure that it it in danger of falling apart. Before we go public on this issue, I suggest that the Govt.
    act on it and take some remedial measure before any social upheaval shakes up the very citadels of our bureaucracy.
    This has assumed such an Institutionalized setup that it almost mirrors the varna system in Hinduism.
    Everything is based strictly on hierarchy and not on value.The hiatus is too wide to bridge, given the sacrosanct nature of Group A.

    How sacrosanct the Class 1 scales in the sixth Pay Commission are, can be gauged by the substantial jump in some allowances and

    perks in the Grade Pay of Rs 5400/ and PB-3 and the virtual red letter highlights in PB-3
    as 'Group A induction'.

    Lack of any lateral upward moves on the part of the lesser
    mortals to move up the Varna system, which euphemistically is
    referred to as Induction in group A, and which is tantamount to a lower varna person being baptised into a higher one, has created a

    deep resentment in many talented employees who by virtue of bad luck could not make through UPSC and had to opt for SSC

    instead.This system,like the caste system, is designed in such a way that it precludes any latent talent in the lower rungs.

    Probably no other Instituition has this kind of divergence
    wherein a certain class of people are condemneded to stagnation for the rest of their lives ,however talented they may be.

    As a first step towards alleviating this historical wrongs,
    the Govt can make towards abolishing this classification into A,B,C,D and gazetted.Also any graduate in Govt. service in whatever

    grade pay should be made to appear for an exam and given an opportunity to get the Grade pay of Rs 5400/ after he clears certains

    minimum criteria in a transparent manner.
    It is never too late in History to correct a wrong.

    Some of the privileges enjoyed by the higher echelons like
    unquestioned study leave, can also be extended to all sections
    as everyone can justify value addition after taking a
    sabbatical off for education. I dont see any reasons why
    a non -gazetted employee who has put in 20 years service
    should be denied permission for a 2 year study leave, on loss of pay. Why cant you frame rules on this.

    Secondly as the recommendations of the Chairman of the Commission do carry some weight, I suggest that keeping the egalitarian

    nature of our Constitution in mind kindly keep the ratio of the Highest vs the lowest pay at the ratio of the fourth pay Commission.

  8. First and foremost target kerosene subsidy like you did for LPG. It will save 1000's of crores.Likewise a recent news about the Army shedding its colonial hangover allowed jawans to access the golf courses which was earlier their preserve. imilarly, cant the bureaucracy which is blatantly discriminatory shed its hubris and allow access into the hallowed portals of GYMKHANA club to the beldars of CPWD. After all , many of them complete the Times of India crossword. All are equal under article 14