Tuesday, August 26, 2014

50 Income-Tax officers empanelled as GoI joint secretaries; Full List

ON MONDAY, as many as 50 IRS (Income-Tax) officers of 1987 batch were empanelled as joint secretaries to Government of India. Here is the full list:

1. Lekha Kumar
2. Pragya Sahay Saksena
3. Ramesh Kumar Yadav
4. Amitabh Kumar
5. Rajat Bansal
6. Poonam Khaira Sidhu
7. Renu Jauhri
8. Kriwant Sahay
9. Manoj Kumar Gautam
10. Bipin Bihari Singh
11. J Albert
12. Mukesh Kumar Mittal
13. Subrat Mishra
14. Ravichandran Ramasamy
15. Pravin Kumar
16. Ratnesh Nandan Sahay
17. Kuldeep Moorti Bali
18. Narottam Mishra
19. Om Kareshwar Chindra
20. Sumant Sinha
21. Gajanand Meena
22. Chaitali Panmei
23. Mukhendu Singh Pawar
24. Ashish Verma
25. Hemanta Bijoy Mahanta
26. Shishir Jha
27. Mohanish Verma
28. Subashree Anantikrishnan
29. Sanjay Kumar
30. Rajesh Tuteja
31. Anirudhha Kumar
32. Anand Sharan Singh
33. Krishna Behari Shukla
34. V Srinavas
35. Reena Sinha Puri
36. Yalavarti Rajendra
37. Pankaj Vidyarthi
38. Geetha Ravi Chandran
39. Uma Singh
40. M Chandra Yadava Reddy
41.   Bharat Singh Gahlot
42. Shesh Shayee Gautam
43. Bharat Bhusan
44. KCP Patnaik
45. Shouvik Guha
46. Raju Tayeng
47. BKS Pandya
48. E Sankaran
49. Ravindra I Patel
50. Harsh Prakash


  1. This is a shame on the part of the Indian Administration. When 1996 batch of IAS was already empanelled for JS, so far only 1987 batch of IRS was empanelled. Today when our five fingers are going into our mouth to feed us, atleast 3 fingers constitute IRS (Income Tax Department). Shame on us that this is how the earning member of the family is treated. This cannot go on. The earning member deserves his respect. Today the spending member (IAS) is calling the shots. This is the basic reason for the mess the country is in. Come on IRS brethren fight for your rights and fight for your due. The senior guys should show some spine. Learn from some of your dynamic youngsters. The senior crop of today's IRS is a big failure. All duds, cowards and selfish people are occupying the higher echelons of the IRS cadre and the Income Tax Department. They cannot even control their own staff, let alone understanding the issues and fighting the IAS.

  2. Completely agreed. IRS seniors in the board are a total failure and hopeless opportunists.

  3. Well said, I agree. Similar is the situation in Indian Postal Service which is controlled by mafia of vested interest.

  4. Some spineless peoples are at the helm of affairs of CBDT They are interested in Plump Posting for earning left and right. Honest officers are sidelined through out their career.
    IRS community are not ashamed at such treatment

  5. Same in Indian Railways Accounts, Traffic services -not yet empanelled,its a pity! why will ACC/Cab Sec or Secy Pers all from IAS bother about other services when heads of these services don't take up the cause.

  6. It's hard to fathom that you are all educated members of the governing body of India (Only based off of what I've heard so far). Not only what each one of you have said is blasphemous, it is fundamentally wrong to say the least.
    Judging by the framework of your sentences, what is shameful is that either one of you have been entrusted the task of joining your cadre.
    When you judge another, you don't define them, you define yourself.
    I am not a civil servant, but I don't condone a Aaron Burr'isque approach to politics.