Monday, August 18, 2014

10 Commandments for Mussoorie-Bound: Any dress code for trainees in LBSNAA? Is drinking prohibited?

COME September 1, a fresh batch of trainee civil servants will undertake the foundation course at Mussoorie’s Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA). The written joining instructions tell them whether they can use a mobile phone, or whether a lady officer trainee (OT) compulsorily needs to wear a saree “in sober colours”? What if an OT is found drinking whiskey? Read these 10 Commandments.

1. Officer trainees (OTs) are strictly prohibited from using mobile phones in the academic area. There are written instructions that mobile phones found with OTs in the academic area need to be confiscated, and the would-be-officer is fined. Trainees are however allowed to use mobile phones in their hostel rooms.
2. An officer trainee found in possession of alcoholic drinks or found to be in an inebriated condition is not allowed to continue the course with immediate effect. This will also invite disciplinary action against the would-be-officer.
3. Every OT is required to furnish a return of movable and immovable properties in a prescribed format on-line.
4. The three-month-long Foundation Course is a ‘no leave’ course. That means no leave is granted during this period. Before joining the Academy, OTs are advised to settle matters requiring their personal presence.
5. Do the OTs get some pocket money on Day 1? No. First special salary advance is admissible after completion of one month of training. That means, everyone needs to bring sufficient money for one month’s expenses. They are given written instruction on that.
6. Is there a dress code for the OTs in the academy? Yes, they do have. In formal occasions, Gentlemen OTs need to mandatorily wear a black or white buttoned-up suit (band-gala/Jodhpurs) or black sherwani with white churidar pyjamas and formal black shoes (oxfords or brogues only) with black socks. The first such occasion is the inauguration of the Foundation Course itself. Gentlemen OTs are also required to wear formal lounge suits (preferably of darker colours) with necktie on certain prescribed occasions.
7. So far as Lady OTs are concerned, the dress code is Saree (but mind it “in sober colours”) with formal shoes or sandals.
8. Even in classrooms, you can’t just walk in wearing a T-Shirt. Gentlemen OTs need to wear full sleeve shirt and trousers with necktie (summer) and jacket and trousers with necktie (winter) with formal shoes.
9. And for Lady OTs, the classroom dress is saree/salwar-kameez/churidar-Kurta/western business suit with formal shoes or sandals.
10. What if a trainee gets with him or her an escort, say a family member? In fact, accommodation for spouses or family members is not provided in the Academy. OTs are not allowed to entertain guests (family members, friends, spouse or anybody else) in their rooms. “Therefore, do NOT bring any escorts with you at the time of joining. Academy will provide accommodation for OTs only”, ---written instructions say.


  1. such a hypocrisy..all that happens in LBSNAA is boozing and drilling into mind "mai baap" attitude..

  2. Looks like rules of Jail instead of learning centre

  3. rules are needed for discipline..the men and women attending the academy are going to shape the policy of india for the next 30 years..they need to be mentally and physically fit, have strong sense of morality and live by the rule book