Thursday, July 24, 2014

Patna DM betrayed me, says Bihar CM Jitan Ram Manjhi in Assembly

Bihar CM Manjhi
Patna DM ne mujhe dhokha diya (Patna DM betrayed me). This is what none other than chief minister of Bihar Jitan Ram Manjhi said in the legislative assembly on Wednesday. That’s not all. A visibly anguished CM said it’s not the DMs alone who misled him on the state’s drought situation, but senior officers of the state too ill-advised him not to talk directly to…
DMs, as they showed past precedence to argue that the CM was not supposed to talk to the DMs directly. Previous chief ministers would have taken stock of the situation by talking to senior officials, he was told by a senior officer. As Manjhi's outbursts indirectly indicted former CM Nitish Kumar, it was greeted with thumping of desks by the BJP MLAs.
Manjhi further said he had directed all DMs to visit the drought-affected areas, asking them not to limit their roles to sending rainfall data alone.
But his real anger was directed against Patna district magistrate. Without taking his name, chief minister said the DM misled him by saying that there was no sign of drought in the district. But CM ignored him and personally visited Dulhin Bazar under the Naubatpur block of Patna only to find parched lands between Danapur and Dulhin Bazar. Manjhi further said there were no signs of irrigation anywhere, and some farmers were irrigating land with the help of diesel sets.
Only last week, 2000 batch IAS N Saravana Kumar, the then Patna DM, was transferred out of the district. Kumar is a veterinary doctor-turned IAS, originally belonging to Tamil Nadu.
Manish Kumar Verma has been appointed as the new Patna DM.


  1. CM saab learnt the hard way. This is how the IAS rule the country. Betrayal, cheating, misleading, corruption, etc. of IAS is killing the nation. Its high time IAS is abolished. Promote greater specialization in administration. Why should an IAS be responsible for finding out and rectifying a drought situation. What happened to the specialist agricultural officers? Why should these officers report to an IAS who doesnt even know what a drought is. See how this DM mislead the CM himself. This IAS might not be knowing what a drought is actually. Similar is the situation with all other IAS officers. Modiji please take note of this.

    1. Can u plz tell ur qualification first and the toughest exam u have cracked in ur lifetime. Then we can think of abolishing IAS. I feel u failed to crack the CSAT from last 3 years

  2. I think this generalist IAS DM might not know what a drought is. By drought he might have thought a tiger or something. When CM asked whether there is drought the DM replied no. He is correct because there are no tigers in Patna!!!!!!. Lol. This is the situation all over India. A generalist IAS who doesnt know anything rules the country. See how an IAS misled even the CM. Colonial administration is still continuing in India. Abolish IAS and everything will fall in place.

  3. There is nothing new in what Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar has stated. The bureaucracy misguides the Minister because it has no accountability. File notings are full of falsities yet no one is accountable. I have with me several File Notings in which Ministers had given certain written directions yet the File was resubmitted with totally misleading false information. The Minister had no option but to toe the line of the Joint Secretary / DDG and give approval to his suggestive note. There is hardly any quality decision making because Ministers merely initial files submitted by Babus. A Minister is afraid to go against the diktat of the Babus because they will remain permanently in their positions whereas Minister can be out of power & in oblivion. Moreover nothing ever happens to Babus it is the Politicians who have to face the brunt and are accountable to Parliament and the electorate. Lucky Babus get away because giving wrong information and facts in files is not a crime or an offence and no action hasds ever been taken against a Babu under CCS Conduct rules for submission of wrong or misleading notes. The quality of decision depends on what is submitted in file. If only half facts are given and wrong rules cited, Babu is never held responsible.

  4. Shri Majhi rose from poorest sections of the Bihar Society to The post of CM. No one knows hardship other than him.

  5. I was there. I attended his speech. and I just read the article you sent the above link to. The lines you have quoted were never spoken by N.N.Vohra.
    This was the extra masala added by the reporter of the article that you have provided that link to.

    The article, needless to say, is written by someone who is jealous of the ordinary kids who attain the extraordinary positions in the IAS through their hardwork.

    There are bad fish in every sea. (incluiding military) That doesn't mean you pain all with the same brush. Too naive and immature and kiddish comments to make.

  6. What kind of specialist r we talking abt? If drought then agri specialist? If poor health then a docter perhaps?? There are many problems in a distt.. And a holistic perspective is often required.this is a case of misguidance which any officer specialist or generalist could do..