Monday, December 09, 2013

Govt sets deadline for ministries to implement SC order of reserving 3% govt jobs for disabled

THE government has given written directions to various ministries and departments to implement a Supreme Court order asking for a minimum three percent reservation for people with disabilities in all Central and state government jobs. It was on October 8, 2013, an apex court bench regretted the denial of opportunities to…differently-abled people in the country and quashed the Central government’s 2005 office memorandum. It was a moment of satisfaction for at least four crore people with disabilities in India. Now, the government departments have to identify the posts for disabled persons “within a period of three months from the date of the judgement of the Supreme Court and implement the same without default”, said a new office memorandum dated December 3, 2013.
The OM has further mentioned what all the Apex Court directed the government to ensure proper implementation of the reservation policy for the disabled and to protect their rights:-
(i) To issue an appropriate order modifying the OM dated December 29, 2005 and the subsequent OMs consistent with this Court’s Order within three months from the date of passing of the judgment.
(ii) The “appropriate Government” to available in all the “establishments” and persons within a period of three months without default.
(iii) The DoPT shall issue instructions to all departments/public sector undertakings/government companies declaring that the non-observance of the scheme of reservation for persons with disabilities should be considered as an act of non-obedience and Nodal Officer in department/public sector undertakings/Government companies, responsible for the proper strict implementation of reservation for person with disabilities, be departmentally proceeded against for the default.
The apex court took up the issue in a case filed by the "National Federation of the Blind". The bench said if the entities are established by or owned and controlled or aided by Central and state governments or by a local authority, the three per cent reservation will be mandatory across Group A, B, C and D posts.

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  1. This is superb !! Many differently-abled candidates were not allowed to join the mighty IAS in the past.Lets hope for a positive change.