Wednesday, December 25, 2013

AAP kaa IAS Rajendra Kumar: More about this Kejriwal’s pick, his IIT background, PM’s award

WHEN 1989 batch AGMU cadre IAS Rajendra Kumar on Tuesday drove down to meet Delhi’s chief minister designate Arvind Kejriwal in his Ghaziabad residence, speculations arose about Kumar becoming Kejriwal’s key bureaucrat. Like Kejriwal, 47-year-old Kumar is also an IIT alumnus and is personally known to Kejriwal who left Indian Revenue Service to be a social activist and then a politician. Kumar is tipped to be Kejriwal’s principal secretary once…
new Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) ministers take oath on Saturday. But who is this IAS who Kejriwal zeroed in on even before the government is formed in Delhi with the outside support of the Congress party? Here is a bio-brief of Rajendra Kumar.
Name: Rajendra Kumar
Cadre and Batch: AGMUT cadre, 1989 batch
Date of Birth: December 16, 1966
Place of Domicile: Bihar
Education: Electrical Engineer (From IIT Kharagpur)
Current Posting: Secretary (JS level), Higher and Technical Education, IT Department
Major PostingsDeputy Commissioner, Lunglei and Aizwal districts (Both Mizoram), North East Delhi
Chairman and MD, Delhi Transco Ltd, Power Deptt, NCT of Delhi
Secretary, Administrative Reforms Department, Health and Family Welfare Department, Delhi
Commissioner (Taxes), Trade and Taxes Department

Prime Ministers Award for Excellence in Public Administration(Kumar along with Vijay Kumar, IAS, Smt. Gitanjali G Kundra, IAS and Ashok Kumar were presented the award for the year 2006-07, presented on April 21, 2008)Project: Radical Improvement in Delhi Government School System, Government of NCT of Delhi
What the Government said:
“The above team of officers of the Department of Education, Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi have shown innovation and team work in meeting the needs of stakeholders of the Department of Education. The steps taken were placing on-line information pertaining to attendance of the teachers, marks sheets of students, tracking the performance of the students subject-wise, information pertaining to various government schools, their location, courses, map, acts and rules, tenders, circulars etc. Evaluation of teachers has been introduced based on performance. The system has helped in identifying gaps and designing solutions for improvement. A very educative and attractive multimedia kit was developed and installed in all the schools for the bridge course to help the students joining the Government schools in Class VI and Class X. As a result, the number of government schools with 100% pass-percentage have gone up from 6 in the year 2004-05 to 41 in the year 2006-07 for class X, and for class XII from 18 in the year 2004-05 to 46 in the year 2006-07. The number of students passing their class X from government schools has increased by 79%, from 41,056 in the year 2005 to 73,497 in the year 2007. This initiative has improved the quality of education in Government schools in NCT of Delhi.”


  1. Miracles in bureaucracy. All of a sudden, everyone wants to know who is this Rajendra Kumar?

    1. I know him- he is the person - who donot requires any certificate - his work talks.


    2. we just witnessed it. 3.2 kg of gold, 14 lakhs foreign currency, 100 crores scam, luxury watches.... we know him from work :)

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