Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A GoI site takes you to a Yoga directory or a pet care service. Innovative, but are those info authentic?

Aiding senior citizens
IF YOU have an innovative idea for improving the performance of Ministry X or Y, there is hardly a way you can reach out to the men who matter there. But, for department of pensions and pensioners’ welfare which comes under the personnel ministry of the government, there is an official channel through which you can place your innovative ideas. In Pensioners’ Portal (http://www.pensionersportal.gov.in/innovation/innovation.asp), there is a form where…
one can submit new ideas aimed at “performing organization’s activities with less time, at less cost and with greater transparency.” Your contact number and emails are welcome, but those are not mandatory. That means, the department is willing to accept innovative ideas even if those are submitted anonymously.
That’s not all. This is the only government of India website where you can get a Yoga directory, list of old-age homes, list of temples for pilgrimages and also pet care guidance. One needs to go to the Senior Citizens Corner of the Pensioners’ Portal to reach those links. But the question arises how much of those are actually authentic information, as some links would take you to not-so-prominent private websites. Further some of the links like Tax Benefits, Financial Planning, Loans and Tax Exemption on Interest sound interesting, but none of those links actually open.
A review by BoI has however found that some of those are highly informative links. For example, senior citizens are being directed to visit dos and don'ts prepared by Delhi Police. And those dos and don’ts include some of the basics such as putting a magic eye on the main door, keeping a dog as a pet, and advising them not to talk about family secrets or property in front of strangers or servants.

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