Friday, September 06, 2013

Revival of an MBA programme in Slovenia, and its Govt of India connect

DPE JS Ashok Pavadia (left), secretary Rawat (3rd from Right) with ICPE officers
THE international postgraduate MBA programme under collaboration of UN initiative, International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) and University of Ljubljana is back on track after a gap of three years. And here is an Indian government angle to the development. Defence secretary and 1977 batch IAS RK Mathur and 1980 batch former Himachal Pradesh cadre IAS…
and a UNIDO director Pradeep Monga are some of the high-profile alumni who had participated in the MBA programme earlier. It was introduced in 1989, but was discontinued in 2010.
That’s not the only India connect. DPE secretary OP Rawat who is also the chairman of the ICPE Council, has been passionately working for the last one year to revive the body and also the programme that had earlier produced 650 MBAs from 45 countries around the world. Those included many Indians as well. Many former students got a chance to do internship with top European companies and some of them got absorbed in Fortune 500 companies as well. Also, with a fee of Euro 11,000 and comparatively low living expenses of about Euro 6,000 a year, this one year MBA is considered to be one of the cheapest programmes in Europe.
The ICPE is a Slovenia-headquartered UN initiative with member countries from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. But India and Slovenia are the major stakeholders in the association and both the nations swap two key posts, President and Director General at a regular interval. The Director General is stationed in Ljubljana. Earlier, Priyadarshi Thakur, a 1970 batch IAS officer, had served as Director General of ICPE.
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  1. its a ridiculous programme which no one cares about..just a way to get degree..please use editorial judgement

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  3. I majored in Finance and Management. Mine was a great institution with a great faculty and provides a great education. Its location was even better!

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  5. The ICPE MBA was the first MBA program in Eastern Europe in the late eighties.A very well designed programme , was conceived by a young, dynamic leading Global management educationist from India.The academic rigour was highly appreciated by World Bank, UNDP ,and Commonwealth Secretariat.Sadly the program had to given on a platter to the the University of Ljubljana