Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pension to double once a retired bureaucrat turns 100; full text of amended pension rules

A RETIRED bureaucrat will receive almost double of his pension amount if he survives 100 years or more, an amended rules of All India Services (Death-cum-Retirement Benefits) Rules, 1958, said. In a notification dated July 12, 2013, the government has made substantial changes to the existing rules, and the new rules will…
now be called All India Services (Death-Cum-Retirement Benefits) Amendment Rules, 2013. According to the changed rules, the amount of pension will be calculated at 50% of emoluments or average emoluments, whichever is more beneficial to him, subject to a minimum of Rs 3,500 and a maximum of Rs 45,000 per month.
There has been a special consideration for those who have crossed the age of 80. As the longevity of Indians has substantially increased, and the inflation is taking a toll on savings of the retired government servants, these provisions could be beneficial to the pensioners. In fact, such provisions existed earlier too, but the government has tweaked those recently.
After completion of 80 years or above, the retired officer will now be entitled for additional pension in the following order.
From 80 years to less than 85 years: 20% of basic pension
From 85 years to less than 90 years: 30% of basic pension
From 90 years to less than 95 years: 40% of basic pension
From 95 years to less than 100 years: 50% of basic pension
100 years or more: 100% of basic pension
Full Text of the Notification

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