Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who does not fall on "creamy layer" for OBC reservation? Some facts

TIME and again, the government has revised income criteria to exclude socially advanced persons or sections, popularly called as Creamy Layer from the purview of reservation for Other Backward Classes. The government has now decided to raise the income limit from Rs 4.5 lakh to…
Rs 6 lakh per annum for determining the creamy layer amongst the Other Backward Classes. According to September 8, 2013 office memorandum, sons and daughters of persons having gross annual income of Rs 1 lakh or above for a period of three consecutive years would fall within the creamy layer and would not be entitled to get the benefit of reservation available to the Other Backward Classes. The limit of income for determining the creamy layer status was subsequently raised to Rs 2.5 lakh and then to Rs. 4.5 lakh.
Now, with effect from May 16, 2013, the limit has been revised to Rs 6 lakh. There has been a provision of 27% reservation for OBCs in government recruitment including for senior civil service positions like IAS, IPS, IRS etc.

49 IAS empanelled as JS
The following 49 IAS officers of 1994 batch have been empanelled for appointment to the posts of Joint Secretary or equivalent at the Centre.
Dr. Sharat Chauhan (AGMU), Sanjeev Khirwar (AGMU), Sanjay Lohiya (Assam), Samir Kumar Sinha (Assam), AP Das Joshi (Assam), Niraj Verma (Assam), Praveen Prakash (Andhra Pradesh), Atish Chandra (Bihar), Ms. Richa Sharma (Chandigarh), Ms Nidhi Chhiber (Chandigarh), Vikas Sheel (Chandigarh), Manoj Kumar Pingua (Chandigarh), Ganesh Shanker Mishra (Chandigarh), Anurag Agarwal (Haryana), Ms Anuradha Thakur (Himachal Pradesh), Onkar Chand Sharma (Himachal Pradesh), Navin Kumar Choudhary (Jammu and Kashmir), Arvind Shrivastava (Karnataka), Anjum Parwez (Karnataka), Rajesh Kumar Sinha (Kerala), Sanjay Garg (Kerala), A Ajith Kumar (Kerala), Ms Pallavi Jain (Madhya Pradesh), Ms Rashmi Arun Shami (Madhya Pradesh), Had Ranjan Rao (Madhya Pradesh), Sheo Shekhar Shukla (Madhya Pradesh), Ms Dipali Rastogi (Madhya Pradesh), Manish Rastogi (Madhya Pradesh), JN Malpani (Madhya Pradesh), Vikas Shankar Kharage (Maharashtra), Ms Vennecaganti Radha (Maharashtra), BV Gopala Reddy (Maharashtra), Santosh Kumar (Maharashtra), Dr VN More (Maharashtra), Rajesh Agarwal (Manipur-Tripura), Piyush Goyal (Nagaland), Ms Ranjana Chopra (Odisha), Ms Aparajita Sarangi (Odisha), G Mathi Vathanan (Odisha), Tejveer Singh (Punjab), Vikas Pratap (Punjab), Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari (Punjab), Kuldeep Ranka (Rajasthan), Naresh Pal Gangwar (Rajasthan), K Sreenivasulu (Sikkim), Atul Anand (Tamil Nadu), Sudeep Jain (Tamil Nadu), Partha Sarthi Sensharma (Uttar Pradesh), Ms Nandini Chakravorty (West Bengal).

Action and Appointments
a) Come June 17 to 21, 2013, a few IAS officers will have an in-service training programme at Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC), Pune on the subject "Developing Leadership Excellence".


  1. mp me pet councelling start ho gayi hai , obc ke liye creamy layer limit kya hai,

  2. MPPET COUNSELLING HAS BEEN STARTED, The creamylayer limit is as itis i mean 450000
    , is there any possibility of raising it
    to 600000 for current councelling.

  3. my father started his job as a graduate teacher and at present he is working as a principal in senior secondary school.He has no income other than salary. Can i avail the benefit of OBC non creamy layer???

    1. As per the Central creamy layer criterion II & III dated 08.09.1993 only the sons and daughter of following “government servants” will be treated as creamy-layer.
      (i) Parents, either of whom is a Group-A officer. (Direct Recruitment)
      (ii) Parents, both of whom are Group-B officers. (Direct Recruitment)
      (iii) Parents of whom only the father is a Group-B officer and he gets into Group-A at the age of 40 or earlier.
      (iv) In military, colonel and above.
      “Other than the above 4, all the government servants are not creamy-layer.”

  4. Yes why not you Can Get OBC non Creamy Layer Certificate. If he happens to become class 1 officer before attaining 40 years of age then only u will not get benefit of OBC.
    Please check -
    " OBC guru" website for all relevant circulars for OBC

    OBC Guru Wesite will clear ur all doubts

  5. my father was a chief regional manager of United bank of india . my mother was a higher secondary school senior lecturer . both are retired now... can i get non creamy layer OBC certificate ?