Thursday, March 21, 2013

What triggers American media praising Internal Revenue Service

THE American media has begun to shower praise on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) saying it was highly successful in transforming its bureaucracy. One of the major features highlighted is the implementation of an Internet service that answers the question “Where’s my refund?” that has had over one billion hits, according to a report “Innovating Around a Bureaucracy” published in… The report said IT upgraded old technology and processes, achieving significant improvements in service and compliance. The report also cited two major drivers of change viz. promulgation of U.S. IRS Reform and Restructuring Act of 1998 and appointment of an outstanding corporate honcho Charles O. Rossotti as Commissioner of Internal Revenue for a five-year term.
An MBA from Harvard Business School, Rossotti was with Boston Consulting Group before moving to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He then turned into an entrepreneur. In 1997, then US President Bill Clinton roped in Rossotti as Commissioner of Internal Revenue where he served for five years.
According to Wikipedia, Rossotti was “considered a reformer, upgrading the agency’s technology, as well as turning the IRS into a more customer service oriented agency.”
Later, Rossotti joined The Carlyle Group, a global private equity firm headquartered in Washington DC.
So, what makes the difference between success and failure? Armed with experiences in government agencies and large organizations of all stripes, Bloomberg columnist Brad Power zeroed in the following as the mantras for changes in government:
a) A team combining insiders and outsiders. The agenda is to bring in new ideas.
b) A clear external motivation to do something.
c) Strong leadership with a firm belief in new ideas and willingness to push bureaucracy to implement those ideas consistently.

List of telecom officers empanelled as JS
The following 35 officers of Indian Telecommunication Service have been empanelled for appointment to the post of Joint Secretary or equivalent under the Central Staffing Scheme. They are: K Ram Chandran, Arvind Chawla, GS Marshal, Rajendra Prasad Singh, Arvind Sinha, Girish C Srivastava, Jagdeesan P, Ramdeo Arya, Rajesh Kumar, Pradeep K Hota, Marshal Antony Leo R, Banwari Lal Varshney, Sunder V, Ramnarayan Patel, Raman Lal, Charu Krishna, Rajiv Gupta, Anil Kumar Singh, GP Srivastava, Sheetla Prasad, Ganesan R, Arun Aggarwal, Shree Prakash Rai, Ratan Ghosh, Satyananda Naik, Manoj Pant, Praveen Malhotra, Prem Chand Mehta, Vinay Agarwal, Pravin Punj, Bharat Kumar Jog, Dinesh Dwivedi, Satyanarayana CV, Murali Mohan K Ryali and Daya Shankar.

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