Friday, March 08, 2013

Rahul Gandhi reportedly laments that bureaucracy is driving some state govts

Gandhi (File photo)
ANY idea what Congress No 2 and possible PM candidate Rahul Gandhi thinks of Indian bureaucracy? You have to wait a bit longer to hear him on the subject, publicly. But on Thursday, Gandhi did talk about bureaucracy and media, according to…
reports based on sources. While interacting with party MPs from Rajasthan, the 42-year-old leader, now Vice-president of the Congress party, lamented the growing trend in states where bureaucracy was driving the government. According to him, it’s the media which in turn has been driving the bureaucracy. The Congress leader wanted the political activists of his party to be more proactive, not leaving things entirely to bureaucracy, according to reports based on that informal interaction held in New Delhi.
During the last fortnight, Gandhi has had similar interactions with Congress MPs from Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Goa. In one such interaction, Gandhi recently disapproved the “high command culture” in the party.

Action and Appointments
a) The ACC has approved the proposal of the ministry of road transport and highways for appointment of P Anand Kumar, 1997 batch IRS (C and CE), as OSD to MoS, road transport and highways Sarvey Sathyanarayana at a director level. He was earlier private secretary to the then MoS, Railways, KH Muniyappa. The government has now approved this “lateral shift”.


  1. Rahul Gandhi is blunt in saying things. He does not have any oratory skill but his speech has substance. He has succeeded in building a pro-common men image.

  2. It seems most of the member of parliaments are not capable enought, that is why the instead of demcracy, it is bureaucry in the country. Bureaucrates are taking the benefits of this weakness of the members of parliament and doing what they want. If Rahul is concerned then he is right. I agree with him