Saturday, December 29, 2012

RIP “Nirbhaya”: Bureaucrats express solidarity, lend voices on policing, mentality change

Protests in Delhi (File photo)
FROM “quick and sensitive policing” to suggestions on “national flag flown at half mast” Indian bureaucrats have resorted to social media to lend their voices on Delhi gang-rape case. As the news of Delhi gang-rape victim Nirbhaya’s death in a Singapore hospital shocked the nation on Saturday early morning, here are some voices of Indian bureaucrats:
"Death Be Not Proud...One short sleep past, we wake eternally, &death shall be no more; death, thou shalt die." RIP our brave little sister. ---Nirupama Rao, India's Ambassador to US

A moment of shame and sadness 4 India. She must continue to live in our minds and become the symbol of change. India's turning point is now. --- Amitabh Kant, 1980 batch IAS and CEO, DMICDC

Let’s not talk of death penalty, castration, public hanging & other brutal stuff. We need to make public life more, not less, civilised…Anyone writing in to the Justice Verma Committee, a request- let's concentrate on quick & sensitive policing and quick trial and conviction. --- Varsha Joshi, 1995 batch IAS

Post Sandy Hook, US Flag was half mast in mourning. As Delhi braveheart dies, India is in mourning. Can we have our flag flown at half mast? Can people on social media(twitter and fb) pay homage by observing a 5 minute silence from 930 to 935 AM IST on 30th Dec. No posts or tweets. ---Abhishek Singh, 1995 batch IAS of Nagaland cadre

Let this brave girl’s sacrifice not go in vain. Time to introspect to see that it never happens again. Lets strive for mentality change. --- Dr SY Quraishi, 1971 batch retired IAS & ex-Chief Election Commissioner

Today is a day of reflection and personal audit on the way we as parents and teachers are grooming boys in this country! --- Kiran Bedi, 1972 batch ex-IPS

RIP #Amanat.Braveheart!U've triggered a historic change of mindset of millions of Indians. Pray God things change fr better. --- Arvind Padhee, Divisional Commissioner, Cuttack

Earlier Voices 
Let’s stop lecturin our daughters abt safety. Rathr start advising 2 stand up n fight for rights of women wherever they c a harassment. --- Alex Paul Menon, 2006 batch IAS (one who was abducted by Maoists) On December 20

For Gods sake why harass her like this “@ndtv: #DelhiGangRape survivor's statement recorded again before Magistrate” ---Varsha Joshi, 1995 batch IAS (On December 25)


  1. The bureaucrats expressing their personal views is a good sign in democracy.

  2. Bureaucrats are responsible for proper implementation of rule of law in this country, but their callous attitude towards general people as well as their own sub-ordinates fails the implementation of law. the bureaucrats in this country are more concerned with appeasing their political masters in order to get plum posting instead of taking pain to properly implement the policy of the state.

  3. Since 1947, Indians have paid a high price for the malfeasance of these IAS and IPS officers who are the general administrators and preservers of law and order. Today we have 900 million Indians who live on less than Rs 20/- (Rupees Twenty) a day. This is what we get for poor and malfeasance in governance by our IAS, IPS and other Babus, whose prime motive and loyalty is to their political masters and be on their right side. IAS, IPS and other Babus retire in great comfort and better off when they started, then the 900 million Indians who live on Rs20/- or less a day and have ONLY a ray of hope and DIVINE INTERVENTION to pull them out of the poverty they have languished, because of corrupt and inept Netas and their slaves the IAS, IPS and other Babus. Delhi's police commissioner Neeraj Kumar is a classic example. He does not care for the sentiments of the people who wanted to peacefully and silently protest against the dastardly and horrific rape incident. Instead he has instructed his officers to arrest unconnected AAP people, and foist false charges on these people for the death of Delhi Police Constable Tomar (who died due to a cardiac arrest). What has Neeraj Kumar done for Delhi that Delhites can be proud off? A big ZERO is the answer! He knows he has GODfathers and GODmothers in the UPA government (especially Union Home Ministry) who will defend him and take care of him against all adversarial and negative publicity. So Babus, just like the PM DO NOT TRY TO PASS ON THE BUCK TO THE PEOPLE AND SAY THAT TIME IS RIPE FOR A CHANGE! Time for a change has been there for a long time and most of you turned a blind eye on India, instead took care and continue to take care of yourselves. RIP Nirbhaya, and GOD please give strength to Nirbhaya's parents, siblings, relatives, friends, and everyone else to grieve this loss and GOD throw the UPA (Congress, NCP, RJD, BSP, SP, DMK, and Muslim League) and the Babudom rascals out of power soon with your DIVINE INTERVENTION.