Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bureaucrats in Brussels are still holding on to a good pay package

NONE other than British Prime Minister David Cameron has been expressing his anger and frustration over fat salaries and perks received by eurocrats or those Brussels-based civil servants. Now, Cameron is not alone…
The leaders of other nations in the region too have joined Cameron in the chorus against European bureaucrats’ huge pay packages, and European Commission’s decision to hike bureaucrat’s salaries when most nations in the region have called for tightening of budgets.
According to news reports, an influential group of eight EU countries including leading nations like France, Germany and Britain wants the Commission to save up to 15 billion Euro till 2020.
But EU bureaucrats are not succumbing to any such pressure. Rather, they have protested in streets at the heart of the EU to fight possible austerity measures and salary cuts.
An international media report by Reuters has given a few examples of high-spend on EU bureaucrats. Those include European Parliament’s shifting of base once a month from Brussels to Strasbourg in France at an annual cost of 180 million euro, and building of a new “Europa” headquarters right next door to its existing marble-and-glass building, at a cost of 310m euro.

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