Thursday, June 21, 2012

NETAGIRI: Bureaucrats are good servants, but poor masters, says Lalu Prasad

Lalu Prasad: During Golden Days
“Bureaucrats may be good servants but they are very poor masters” — is what former Bihar chief minister Lalu Prasad said recently in a public rally at Panchanpur near Gaya, according to local media reports. Prasad’s anger was however not directed against bureaucrats per se, but…
his bête noire and Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar who had claimed good governance in the state.
Nitish Kumar of late has hogged the limelight for taking on Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. Also, the last few days’ events ahead of the Presidential poll have suggested that Kumar’s party is actually coming closer to the Congress making UPA’s long-time ally RJD nervous.
Prasad who also held the Union railway portfolio in Manmohan Singh’s cabinet during UPA-I, argued that the current political leadership in Bihar has “sidestepped and handed over the command to the bureaucrats who were calling the shots in the state”, a report published in Times of India said.
The RJD chief further claimed that the vulnerable sections including women and Dalits were not safe and police atrocities against the underprivileged sections have risen. The media reports quoted Lalu Prasad saying that Bihar now ranks third in the country in custodial deaths, and common men don’t trust the administration anymore.
Independent analysts say that bureaucrats are happy with Nitish Kumar despite the chief minister personally supervised attempts to cleanse the administration. Former revenue secretary NK Singh is a prominent face of Nitish Kumar’s party in New Delhi. Also, Ram Chandra Prasad Singh or RCP, a 1984 batch Uttar Pradesh cadre IAS, was sent to Rajya Sabha at Nitish Kumar's initiatives. 


  1. some fearful bureaucrats are responsible for this statement, otherwise if a fearless bureaucrat who doesn't indulge in any sycophany of these corrupt politicians for mere promotion or vested interest , its a very opprobrious statement

  2. I am 100% agree with the remarks so far as IAS and IPS officers are concerned,in asmuchas they are CHARANDAS of ruling party of politicians and TANASHAH for public and other gov deptt officers/officials..

  3. The Constitution of India requires our bureaucracy to be "Good servants and Poor master" (as our constitutional ideals want them to be people-oriented yet anonymous and neutral). So if this statement is made to show down the present government, then it does the opposite of its intent.

  4. Let People decide whether a Babu is working for them or not? If people can elect an MP/MLA, why not people decide the performance of Babu?
    After all, they qualified the exam for serving the people !!

    In this age of technology, when everyone is having an internet connection, Let India be the first country which decides the performance of its Babus.

    Only then it may be clear, whether they are Poor Master or not??