Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alex Paul Menon narrates his “brutal” kidnapping; says about passion for Sukma

Alex (File Photo)
EVEN nine days after 2006 batch Chhattisgarh cadre IAS Alex Paul Menon was released by the Naxals, people are still talking about the kidnapping saga. In social media, readers are leaving their views and are trying to connect directly with the officer. BoI here presents what Alex Paul Menon himself wrote in a social media site two days after he was released by the Maoists. First, there was no Stockholm syndrome as the IAS officer narrated how the kidnapping took place in “brutal fashion”. Second, he was deeply concerned about the killing of his two bodyguards. And finally, he was determined to carry forward his work at Sukma with the same “enthusiasm and passion”. Here is the full text of Alex’s narration:
I am back safe and at home trying to recoup... Am still shattered and disturbed because I loved those two boys Amjad and Kisun,They were very affectionate to me and so was I to them..Memories of these two boys are making me sleepless :( I just wanna go to their families and console them without any media attention , try and see in what all ways I can help those families get back to normalcy .Am also shattered because I could not ever imagine that the kidnapping would be done in such a brutal fashion striking terror in the hearts of ordinary poor tribals of Manjhipara who had assembled with all hopes around me ..... Thanks to every soul who stood by us...Am moved by all the affection and support each of you rendered during this ordeal. Sorry for not picking calls and not answering smss... I wanna just sit amidst the family and try and get out of this as fast as i can...Wanna go back to my office , continue doing what all i had Planned for this district with the same enthusiasm and passion. Thanx for all ur support once again

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  1. The foolishness of this officer cost two precious lives and freeing of criminals.Was he in collution with the maosists? Or was