Monday, May 09, 2011

Why does 1983 batch IAS, KK Sharma want to file defamation suit against Shunglu panel?

Sharma: A Challenger?
A NUMBER of bureaucrats including the retired ones may be upset over their names being dragged by Shunglu Committee which is investing the irregularities in the run-up to Delhi Commonwealth Games, but a 1983 batch UT cadre IAS officer Kewal Kumar Sharma has sought permissions from the cabinet secretary to file a defamation case against the PM-appointed Shunglu panel.
The Shunglu committee has dragged Sharma’s name as he was the principal secretary in PWD department under Delhi government between June 2009 and April 2011. Currently, he is an adviser to the Chandigarh administration.
The Shunglu panel has criticized Sharma among others for irregularities and delays in key projects such as Barapullah Nallah elevated road and Ring Road Bypass.

Here are the excerpts of Sharma’s Letter
* I may be given permission to file a defamation case against the members of the high level committee for the damage already done to my name.
* It is extremely de-motivating, stressful and also depressing for any public servant to face public humiliation and suffer loss of 28 years of hard-earned reputation through what appears to be a casually written report
* The committee may well be correct in observing that there had been a 3-year period of inactivity from 2003 to 2006 which compromised every subsequent stage of planning and execution. If the committee felt that this was the major cause of the mess, then who are the persons responsible for this? The committee does not provide an answer.
* As a result of intensive efforts and leadership I provided, projects began to be completed almost every month and all 38 PWD projects were operational before the Games.
The big question now is whether the cabinet secretary would actually give Sharma the permission to file a defamation case against the high powered Shunglu panel, or his request letter would be recorded only for theoretical purposes in corridors of power!
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