Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two young IAS officers of 2005 batch set the ball rolling by declaring assets including jewellery, cars, TV and mobile

AS Bihar government’s January 31 deadline for all officers to declare their assets drawing near, two IAS officers of 2005 batch, Kuldip Narayan and Balamurugan D set the ball rolling by declaring their assets and liabilities including minor details such as buying of televisions and mobile phones.
Significantly, Saran district magistrate Kuldip Narayan and Gopalganj district magistrate Balamurugan D have put up their declaration in official websites for public view. Hailing from UP, Narayan is a mechanical engineer from IIT Kanpur whereas Balamurugan D from Tamil Nadu is an agriculture graduate.
In his four-page declaration, Narayan mentioned about the current valuation of his mutual funds at Rs 1.15 lac and shares worth Rs 40, 069. Neither he nor his wife possesses any agriculture land. Narayan has Rs 5.85 lac in PPF whereas his wife has Rs 2.47 lac in PPF account. He has also mentioned the valuation of his wife’s gold ornaments, a Samsung TV and even a mobile handset.
Balamurugan D, another 2005 batch Bihar cadre IAS, mentioned in his publicly displayed return how his father and his younger brother have not divided their properties in their ancestral house in Tamil Nadu. Balamurugan D too gave details about cash in hand (mere Rs 1,160) and deposits in bank account (Rs 32,534) accounted up to January 19, 2011.
In April 2007, Kuldip Narayan, a Brahmin, hogged the limelight when he got married an Indian Economic Service official, Renulata who happens to be an OBC. The media highlighted the marriage as it defied Bihar’s caste logic in matrimonial and political alliance. (In Picture: Kuldip Narayan and Renulata, 2007)
Whereas it’s much easier for these two young officers to declare their assets publicly, it remains to be seen whether those who have amassed wealth would find it comfortable to do the same.
The Nitish Kumar government in Bihar has asked all officials not just to declare assets of self and immediate relatives but to put those in public domain. This has further put pressure on other state governments and even the Central governments to issue such dictates amid allegations of corruption in public life.
Balamurugan D’s property return


  1. IAS oficers or bonded labour...???declaring assets down to mobile phones and aquaguards...shame...are IAS officers thieves???

  2. Some IAS are theives and they indulge in conspicuous consumption and black money is stored in such items.....so they should declare their assets..

  3. Agree with the second comment. Declaration of assets should be as detailed as possible otherwise the purpose behind declaration of assets is likely to be defeated. I'm unable to gather why the first comment seeks to equate declaration of assets (even if detailed) with bonded labour.

  4. IAS officers of nagalnd would be the richest of the lot in all india

  5. many ias are thieves and they amass their wealth other name so that nothing can be done.
    i have ias having hell lot of property amassed after coming into the services.