Saturday, December 25, 2010

PM calls IPS a privileged service

PRIME Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has called Indian Police Service a very privileged service, along with the IAS. While addressing IPS probationers of 2009 batch, PM has highlighted key challenges and reminded the young police officers of various responsibilities. Here are a few excerpts of his speech.

India and Bharat
India lives in the states. Therefore our young officers equip themselves with knowledge, wisdom and experience about what is happening in various states of our Union and that is the unique privilege that both the IAS and IPS have…The fact that our founding fathers of the Constitution designed this structure for the IAS and the IPS which while working in different states we must not lose sight of the value system and of what critical importance it places on strengthening the unity and integrity of our country.
Common Market
In dealing with problems, we must not lose sight of the fact that India is one large common market. Our Constitution makers gave us this unique privilege of being a vast common market that people can move freely from one part of our country to another where goods can move freely from one part of our country to another. In other countries in Europe, people have struggled to create common markets. This is a gift that has come to us from the founding fathers of our Republic and you must be always be mindful of preserving, building on and nurturing that concern for the unity and integrity of our country.
We are getting growth rates of 8-9% per annum but there are people who believe they are left out. When they are left out, I think the grievances against the system multiply and some of them take the form of challenging the authority of law and order. The crime rate goes up probably it is inherent in processes of urbanization that incidents of urban crime will be a problem for quite some time to come and it may be an increasing problem. 
(In Picture: Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh with the IPS probationers of 2009 batch, in New Delhi on December 24, 2010. Principal secretary to Prime Minister TKA Nair and the National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon are also seen.)
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Action and Appointments
a) Former urban development secretary M Ramachandran as taken charge as Advisor (Infrastructure) in UP government. He will be based out of Noida and hold a rank of a cabinet minister in the state. Read: Centre's loss, UP's gain
b)  Giri Iyer, an retired accounts service officer and husband of first woman foreign secretary of India, Chokila Iyer died. When the name External Affairs Wives Association was changed to External Affairs Spouses Association, EAWA decided that the membership would open up to the spouses of all the lady IFS officers. Giri Iyer was the first and the only male member of the association.

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