Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pawar-Point Presentation: Ajit Pawar and Subramanian Swamy lash out at bureaucracy

TWO major newsmakers of recent time, Maharashtra deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar and Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy, are on the same side when it comes to bureaucracy. Whereas Pawar said there is nothing wrong to be stern with bureaucrats, Swamy accused bureaucrats mainly the law ministry officials of trying to protect former telecom minister A Raja by wrongly advising Prime Minister on whether to sanction Raja or not.
Pawar came into news recently when he addressed top bureaucrats in Maharashtra even before they could brief the chief minister Prithviraj Chavan, leading many local newspapers dubbing his attitude as “dadagiri”. Now, he asks what is wrong if he is stern with bureaucrats who do not heed to ministers’ directives to speed up works related to the welfare of the common man. While addressing NCP workers recently, he told that he would not change his style of functioning (dadagiri, according to bureaucrats) and ensure that the bureaucrats fall in line.
On the other side, Swamy said that it is regrettable that the law officers of the government had failed to apprise the Prime Minister of the law of the land. He also lashed out at other bureaucrats. Meanwhile, DoT legal adviser Dr Santokh Singh who was connected to the faux pas that decisions of law ministry under A Raja had the concurrence of the Prime Minister, was transferred from his position.

Ravi Inder saga continues
The saga of 1994 batch West Bengal cadre IAS officer Ravi Inder Singh continues. The director in MHA who was detained recently, did not stay in official accommodation and used a guest house in GK-II instead. And the staying expenses were borne by his business accomplice Vineet who is also in police custody.
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  1. Bureaucracy bashing is an easy way out for politicians to cover their weaknesses...

  2. politicians are the most ineffective and corrupt. most of them are criminals and goons who don't know about this country, its constitution. several of them would not be able to tell the difference between republic day and independence day. they don't know anything but have been given the charge of this country. this has gone to their heads and behave like despot rulers. bureaucrats are the ones who runs this country in true sense. if bureaucrats go on strike these petty politicians would take our country 100 years back.

  3. Yes, Of course they are steal pillar of our country.