Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Scripts in Power Corridors: Prasad, ladoo and gur for money; hardware means room; and software is sex worker

BUREAUCRATS are known for framing new rules, but here is a sample of an Indian bureaucrat’s reported art of coining a new code language: “Prasad”, “ladoo” and “gur” for money. And hold your breath: “software” for sex workers.
If the media reports quoting unnamed home ministry officials are correct, Ravi Inder Singh, the detained IAS of 1994 batch and director in MHA, had used a code language while talking to his close business associate Vineet who was arrested on Tuesday. In one telephonic conversation, the bureaucrat reportedly asked Vineet whether “software” from Ukraine is available, raising suspicion that favours in deals could have included both money and sex. Though home secretary GK Pillai told a section of media on Monday that raids in North Block were taken in view of allegations of insiders’ leaking information, there is no official confirmation about the code language.
UK Bansal, secretary internal security and Singh’s boss however said that involvement of such a high ranking officer is a matter of concern.
Though it’s confirmed that Singh was engaged in corporate espionage, no official spokesperson has come on record that he had leaked information on BlackBerry issue. Meanwhile, Research in Motion, the Canadian company that makes BlackBerry handsets, sent releases to media houses denying any involvement or insight regarding the matter that has led to the arrest of Ravi Inder Singh. In its clarification, the phone maker said that its employees and representatives have never met any MHA official other than in official meetings at the premises of MHA.

Action and Appointments
a) The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved premature cessation of tenure of Dr Neeraj Mittal, a 1992 batch Tamil Nadu cadre IAS as private secretary to the minister of state for commerce and industry Jyotiraditya Scindia. Mittal will be on a “Compulsory Wait” in the ministry of commerce and industry till he gets an alternate posting as director for the balance tenure under the Central Staffing Scheme which began on June 5, 2008
b) Aruna Sundarajan, a 1982 batch Kerala cadre IAS has been appointed as joint secretary in the ministry of housing and urban poverty alleviation.
c) Rakhee Gupta Bhandari, a 1997 batch Punjab cadre IAS, currently working as director in the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi, has been appointed as private secretary to the minister of state (power) Bharatsinh Solanki at deputy secretary level.
d) Vijaya Laxmi Joshi, a 1980 batch Gujarat cadre IAS, presently in the cadre, has been appointed as joint secretary, in the department of commerce.

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  1. Its not bureacrats. Its IAS officers. I am a civil servant but have never heard of such code words. I learnt the meanings today from newspapers. IAS officers are adept at them. Come on abolish the IAS immediately. Promote specialization in governance. Make the bureacrats accountable. Only civil servants who are not accountable are IAS officers because they don't have a specified area of work which can be valued, estimated, marked or rated. Thats why they play with the country and people. Politicians are responsible to the people but IAS officers are not responsible to anybody. Scrap IAS. Promote all other civil services. It will promote specialization and Makes bureacrats accountable.