Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thoughts on dealing with fire-breathing monster of bureaucracy

WHAT do you do if a senior police officer finds jobs of many of his team-mates need to be axed because of tightening of budget? Police chief of one of the prominent counties of UK Essex, has resorted to an interesting “motivation speech” when it because apparent that cuts in government financing could render hundreds of policemen jobless.
Police chief of Essex Jim Barker-McCardle said cuts in budget would give senior officers an opportunity to “challenge the way we do things”.
“I do see an opportunity across policing to challenge the way we do things. Police forces will have to rise up like a valiant St George and slay the last breaths of the fire-breathing monster of bureaucracy,” said the police chief according to media reports in UK.
For the record, Greek mythology mentions about a fire-breathing dragon with a hundred heads that never rest.
Essex's policing budget could be cut by £45 million by 2015 which is about one sixth of the current budget.

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