Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A panel of members in Planning Commission refuses to endorse package for Naxal areas terming it a bureaucratic exercise

A PANEL of three members of Planning Commission has refused to endorse a draft package for Naxal areas terming it a “bureaucratic exercise” with no views from local people being accommodated there, a media report in a national newspaper said. The members, Abhijit Sen, Mihir Shah and Narendra Jhadav, said that they can’t put a stamp on an action plan based on failed project delivery systems.
Member secretary Sudha Pillai, a 1972 batch IAS, has been passionately working out the details of the development package for Naxal areas, and there were reports in media how her approach to Naxal is different from that of her husband and home secretary GK Pillai whose ministry has been playing the key role in finding a military solution to the vexed issue.

Bringing Buddha to New Zealand bureaucrats
A delegation of monks and nuns has brought the teachings of Buddha to politicians and civil servants of New Zealand as they gifted Dhammapada – a book of teachings of saint Budhha to the country’s Parliament. The scripture comprising over 400 short sayings believed to be of Buddha and originally written in Pali language, was earlier presented to Australian politicians too. In New Zealand, there are a few Buddhist MPs, including Labour’s Darien Fenton.

Secretaries In Action
Information and Broadcasting secretary Raghu Menon, a 1974 batch Nagaland cadre IAS, said in Guwahati on Tuesday that the Community Radio as an outreach tool would be strengthened during the 12th five year Plan, and the ministry would consider the proposal of providing a seed capital for initiating such effective tools for the North-Eastern region. He along with his minister Ambika Soni were present in the North-Eastern city for attending the first Regional Conference of Media Units in the North-East.


  1. Preachings of Buddha are needed for Indian bureaucrats too! Remember, bureaucracy in Australia and New Zealand are far superior than that of many developed countries too.

  2. obviously, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting took a wonderful decision for the developement of North-eastern region.