Thursday, July 15, 2010

Government finalizes a perspective plan for welfare of pensioners for next 5 years

ARE you a government pensioner, or someone retiring soon? Here is a chance to lobby for a better future as the government is finalizing a five-year perspective plan for welfare of central government employers and asking for views and comments.

The government in a circular dated July 12, 2010, requested 27 pensioners’ associations working towards welfare of pensioner community from various parts of the country to furnish their views or suggestions as it’s finalizing a strategic plan for the next five years under Results Framework Document (RFD) for department of pensions and pensioners’ welfare. It’s a part of government’s performance management system spearheaded by cabinet secretary KM Chandrasekhar and secretary Dr Prajapati Trivedi (Read: Meet this non-IAS who wants to make bureaucrats a lakhpati). The RFD not only contains agreed objectives, policies, programmes and projects, but “success indicators and targets” to measure the progress in implementing them.
The pensioners’ associations from whom views and suggestions are asked for, include All India Pensioners Association, Cuttack, All India Central Government Pensioners’ Association, Pune, All India Federation of Pensioners’ Association, Chennai, Retired Railway Employees Welfare Association, Gurgaon etc.
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100 UP civil servants may be promoted to IAS
About 100 Provincial Civil Services (PCS) officers from Uttar Pradesh may soon be promoted to IAS. The department of personnel and training (DoPT) has been considering the proposal and is expected to take a call soon. There has been a delay of about six years for such a move, according to reports. In fact, provincial civil servants who have completed minimum eight years of service and are below the age of 54 on January1 in the year of selection are eligible for induction into IAS cadre.


  1. The worst performance during the year is that of the Department of Pensions and Pensioners' Welfare, Ministry of P, PG & Pensions, GOI. Because of the stubborn/ mulish attitude of its officials and their failure to change their stand wrt a "misinterpretation" of the Core Recommendation (para 5.1.47) of Sixth CPOC report during and after issuing their OMs of 3rd/14th Oct 2008 (its annexures/table etc) and also a very "immature" OM of 11.02.2009, TO apply correction, a considerable section of the old pensioners(pre-2006/1996/even before) both Civilians/ Military, are subject to great injustice through REDUCTION IN THEIR ENTITLED BASIC PENSIONS.WHEREAS A GREAT BONANZA OF REVISIED PENSIONS HAD BEEN EBSURED FOR THE HIGHEST 4 LEVELS THRU APPLICATION OF REVISED PAY RULES WHICH ARE BEING DENIED TO OTHERS. Also,this is done much against the Art 14 of Constitutional protection of "equality", sevaral Judgments of HSC/ High Courts/ CATs- AFTs, opinion of CAG/ Ministers of States concerned,their own admittance by submitting a "corrective proposal" which they cd not get thru due to a projection of non-relevant "financuial implication", and not following the example of corrective steps taken by Punjab state Govt, UP Govt (also may be). As a result several Court cases have been mounted all over the country which will result in wasteful-avoidable legal expenses on both sides and also a GROSS MISENGAEMENT/USE OF HONOURABLE COURT TIME.. Even the Ministry of Law deserves to be branded as a "non-performer" as such proliferation of unnecessary Court cases shows that the "GOVT" is a "WILLING and COMPULSIVE" litigant lacking proper understanding of principles of Natural Justice and the Dept of Law's incapability to follow/ implement the new National Litigation Policy. WHAT IS THE USE OF RFD/ MANAGEMENT APPRAISAL SYSTEM WHEN RIGHT FROM THE HIGHEST OFFICES INCLUDING HPMO/ HON PREZ SECTT/ CAB SECTT ETC DO NOT KEEP TRACK OF GROSS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE/ misuse of powers/ NON-INDULGENCE EVEN IN SERIOUS MATTERS OF SENIOR CITIZENS/ SOCIETY ETC AND WRONG INTERPRETATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF GOVT. POLICIES? LOWER LEVELS OF BUREAUCRACY BOSS OVER THE HIGHER ECHELONS? THERE IS NO EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING! Instead of givinge oncentive for performance., all deserve to be punished thru RECOVERIES for their non-performance.

  2. Consequent upon implementation of 6th CPC recommendations particularly for pensioners retired prior to 1.1.2006, number of cases are filed in various Courts, ie. CAT, High Court, Armed Forces Tribunal, etc. where the DOP&PW among other depts. is one of the Respondents.
    A review on the entire cases will speak of volumes as to why at the very senior citizen level have to knock the doors of Justice.

    The major anomalies in respect of these pensioners that occured in either the misinterepretation or missing the well settled positions, are yet to be addressed suitably. Though the National Anomaly Committee is likely to make their final recommendations, the pensioners' grievances are not appropriately taken up for resolving. Hence, the ongoing Court cases.
    If there is will, the entire issue of pensioners could be resolved at one stroke by appropriate decision making. I request the BOI to take up a review on the issue of pensioners' grievances for lobbying among the power corridor please.
    - By Anonymous.