Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mussoorie Musings: Annual action at civil servant incubator begins

CALL it a routine DoPT circular. The circular dated July 5, exempted candidates appearing for Civil Service (Mains), 2010 from attending the foundation course to be held at Mussorie’s Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, or LBSNAA from September 1, 2010. Such exemptions are however, not applicable to candidates selected into IAS and IFS in terms of Rule 8 of Civil Services Examination.

Yet, issuing of the circular is an indicator that the action in Mussoorie’s civil servant incubator has virtually begun. As young probationers from all services including IAS, IFS, IPS get ready to take the basic lessons on administration from LBSNAA, many parents looking for prospective grooms also get prepared to come to the hill station, book hotels in advance and land up with marriage proposals in hand.
If you are a civil servant probationer attending the course this time, remember there are exciting times too. Last Diwali, for example, young probationers had a get-together at Happy valley grounds in Mussoorie to participate in an annual fete. The officer trainees who would turn India’s top diplomats and bureaucrats in the years to come, put up mehendi stalls to astrology stalls, and organised mock-jails where faculty members were imprisoned on charges leveled at them by trainee officials. What added colour to the mela were dance floors and eateries that sold chole bhature and chaat to Bengali fish curry… will bring more action-packed insights on and off-side of Mussoorie’s civil servant incubator from September onwards. If you are a civil servant yourself, you can also write to and post your Mussoorie musings, giving details about the year and your current service.
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  1. Exciting days ahead for those who have made into civil service this year! Administrators may forget everything, but never forget the days of trekking and village trips during the training days. Am I right?

  2. It's a shame that visually impaired selected candidates are being denied a chance. Please do something about it, guys!