Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sam Pitroda’s office in Planning Commission to pay consultant more than a secretary’s salary

SOUNDS odd, but Adviser to PM Sam Pitroda’s office in Planning Commission is ready to pay a consultant a monthly salary of more than the pay of a Government of India’s secretary. According to an advertisement released by Office of Adviser to PM on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovations, a consultant with 5-6 years of experience would be given a salary upto Rs 90,000 per month. Significantly, a secretary to government of India who will have an experience of at least 33 years, gets a fixed pay of Rs 80,000 per month though he gets perks like accommodation in prime localities which will have huge market value.
Telecom Guru Mr Pitroda who holds the rank of a cabinet minister under Dr Manmohan Singh’s government, has openly told media how he was not interested in recruiting IAS officers, but would handle the job with a skeleton staff of experts with full domain knowledge.
In fact, according to the advertisement, which is also attached in Planning Commission’s website, the Consultant B with academic qualification of Masters Degree or above, or technical qualifications such as B Tech, MBA or PhD, will be paid a consolidated fee, ranging from Rs 40,000 to Rs 90,000 per month.
But the big question is who is likely to be selected for such a lucrative government offer? The advertisement itself clearly mentions the high benchmark for the post. “In this category, candidates having experience of “out of box thinking” on policy issues, focused on research work, will be accorded priority”, it says.
For more details on 6 jobs for consultants in Sam Pitroda’s office, read Insider’s post, “Salary up to Rs 90,000” in http://www.jobcorridor.com/

Moily vouches for IAS talent to tackle Naxals
Union law minister Veerappa Moily said IAS officers could play a vital role in helping curb Naxalism by ensuring implementation of central schemes and equitable development. The schemes targeted at the underprivileged need to be implemented at the grassroots level, he said adding that there had been shortcomings in this regard. The minister was speaking recently at a function organised by JSS Training Institute in Bangalore to felicitate those selected for IAS and Karnataka Administrative Service (KAS) from the institute. 


  1. its a bold step by pitroda trying to hire "consultants" by offering an attractive salary and not "monkeys" by offering peanuts. Bolder step is not to involve the so called "experienced" babus.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I would like to train our teachers fraternity, How to teach effectively without boring and burdening the students. I am an AUTODIDACT professor + soft-skills trainer. I wish to transform our ailing education system. I am an out of box person in true sense, because I believe that our present education system is completely boring, burdensome and impractical. It has failed in its purpose. Our education does not enable people but cripples them. I boycotted our education system in a novel way by teaching and training my son and daughter at home. I did not send them to school for knowledge, I taught them at home and made them far better than the best educated students. My 17+ yrs old son has become a professor of English, with 5 yrs teaching experience and my 14yrs old daughter is getting ready to teach professionals. If given the chance, I can transform our impractical and ailing education system into most interesting and practical one. Expecting an urgent reply.

  3. I really appreciate a bold step to choose a person with an innovative ideas .