Friday, June 11, 2010

Retiring at 65: Govt’s decision to raise retirement age of nursing teachers may bring hope to Central govt employees

RETIRING at 65? Sounds incredible? For lakhs of government employees who are hoping that the UPA-II may raise the retirement age of government employees to 62 years, the Wednesday’s cabinet decision to raise the Nursing teachers’ retirement age to 65 is a healthy sign that their dream may too come true in the next few years.
The decision appears like an isolated case, but the Union Cabinet’s approval to the increase superannuation age from 60 years to 65 years for the nursing teaching faculty with MSc in nursing in Central government nursing institutions, may bring hopes to many government employees approaching the retirement age.
The decision, however, came with a justification which said that there is an acute shortage of nursing teachers with post-graduate degree in nursing. As a large number of posts of teachers with MSc (Nursing) are lying vacant in the Central government Nursing Institutions, and there has been a high attrition rate, this move may prevent further exodus of nursing teachers.
Yet, it gives enough room for many government employees to probably hope and pray that the retirement age for all government employees may go upto 62.
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  1. 65 years upper limit is too much. But the government should raise the retirement age to 62 at least. Vajpayee government raised it from 58 to 60. Dr Manmohan Sinhg's government should make it 62. The life expectancy of people have increased a lot.

  2. why not raise it till one reaches his bloody grave.

  3. Sab Moh Maya hai ....