Saturday, June 05, 2010

Now, western media highlights PERC survey's calling of Indian bureaucracy the worst in Asia

THE Western media which has prominently displayed India’s growth story for the last few years, has not only picked up Hong Kong-based risk consultancy firm, PERC report terming Indian bureaucracy “worst in Asia”, but has analyzed what went wrong for Indian babudom to get such a poor score.
A BBC report on the subject began with the following line: “A new report has confirmed what many Indians have long suspected - their country's bureaucratic system is one of the most stifling in the world.” It further highlighted the PERC report’s caution that the inertia generated by a stifling bureaucratic system would in the medium term prevent India matching the growth rates of its great Asian rival China.
Another news report on the same topic, published in UK’s Telegraph, quoted Dr Gareth Price, an Asia expert of international think tank Chatham House. Dr Price said that in a country with around 1.2 billion people, 15 million government employees is too less a number adding that “it is not really enough for a smooth-running bureaucracy”.
Dr Price is further quoted as saying that India’s bureaucracy is based on antiquated rules which many inspectors and government officials have a vested interest in leaving as they are.
Here comes the question: Do you agree that Indian bureaucracy could be responsible for preventing India matching the growth rates of its great Asian rival China, as was found out in the survey? Kindly give comments. 
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  1. He is right in saying that Indian bureaucracy is worst in Asia.See the endless greed of money in people at higher echelon in the administration of affairs of state. How can they have concern for poor and downtrodden in their heart and mind? Shameless creatures thoroughly dip in the septic tank of lust and hunger for money.

    In this country, the one who is caught is a thief; all other thief’s are respectable upholder of law. Such is their mental tuning and training that lust and greed for money and wealth surmounts all logical and other checks thought of by human beings.

    ALL INDIA Services officers are expert in gross misuse of their authority in somehow or other fixing the benefits in their favor. The poor man is helpless and defenseless to such mentality. They have created categorization, reservation, specific privileges for themselves in the affairs of Administration of state. Even for small thing like house allotments, they have segregated the pools to various categories. Even the Ministries, Departments down to the levels of Posts are reserved for them to come on deputation. What else I should call it other than fiefdom and feudalism?

  2. absolutely..india inherited this bureaucracy as a colonial heritage and somewhere don the line civil servant forgot all about independence and social service...its still a free for all grab all you want(reminds me of Hobbes state of nature).how can the joshi couple explain the insane amount of cash recovered????????????there are many many many others...vikas yadav's carnage of the angels paints a true and stark picture of the police service can claim to be even close to fulfilling mandated role....

  3. These persons are not officials but sycophants [with a Sycophant Prime Minister]who can kiss the floor for getting a 2nd hand blackberry as a gift.

  4. It is true that the Bureaucracy in our country isn't the best in the world, but one must refrain from calling them "sycophants" and "power and money hungry officers". It is almost amazing to realize that people always forget the good that many officers do in this country. I agree there are some officers who are very corrupt and power/money hungry, and let me be clear I will be the first to condemn them, but to say that the entire bureaucracy is pathetic isn't correct at all. The reason this country has been doing so much better since '91 isn't because of the politicians, but of the officers who work everyday. When one sees officers working day and night, trying to make this country better, it is appalling to see such statements which defame their integrity and hard work. Please, I urge everyone to stop defaming the bureaucracy as a whole, because I can assure you there are officers in this Great Nation of ours who are the most intelligent and hard working individuals anyone would ever meet.

  5. Unfortunately, IAS officers have realised that they can play mind games over Netas & the Janata. They prolong RTI applications, i.e. sweating out with the hopes of wearing out the applicant, or giving vague reasons for denial & in many cases idiocy. E.g. The applicant did not legibly complete the RTI form, nor signed it fully & so forth.

    The IAS & Services have been a drag & drain on the country & its treasury. Performance is not even in the equation. Unless massive decentralization with 100% accountability & responsibility is there, India has no hope, except massive Divine Intervention. On international forums, top Netas & Babus speak that we have IITs, IISc, IIMs, the 2nd/3rd longest rail network in the world, missile & satellite technologies, atomic reactors, steel & power plants, etc. Yet these Babus send their children abroad for studies & emigration to western countries, they go abroad for medical treatment, tourism, & study tours, etc. A friend of mine a IAS officer works smart & hard daily for 15 hours, politicians come to his office & demand him to take illegal actions & this officer has refused the politicians in a nice & diplomatic manner, this officer does not own a personal vehicle, has surrendered the numerous plots of land that were allotted to him in a major metropolis in India (if this officer had kept the plots & sold them later, this officer would be worth at least 8 to 10 crores per plot), never wants to go on a foreign study & government visit (because this officer believes in utilising the country's specialists & academicians for consultations rather than foreigners [not that foreigners are bad, but our countrymen/countrywomen understand our situation better, never taken a paise as bribe in cash or kind in his IAS career, etc). This officer is an exception & this way of conducting their professional life is missing in a large majority of IAS & Service officers. For most IAS & Service officers, this achievement of joining the IAS & Services gives them extraordinary powers, & exalted prestige in our society. Look at the recent incident of gangrape of the young woman in Delhi. The Delhi Police allegedly tried to foist false cases on many demonstrators & on citizens for the unfortunate & sad death of the police constable Tomar. At a minimum, have any IPS officers, & IAS officers in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) been suspended, charged with mismanagement (malfeasance), & alleged violations of the law? The answer is a big NO! Why? Because the MHA whose administrative officers are of the IAS cadre, ordered Delhi Police to lathi charge against innocent non-violent protesters who were exercising their constitutionally granted free speech & their democratic rights to protest. After all disbanding of the IAS & Services is the need of the hour, & decentralisation of administrative functions, if India has to pull 877 millions of Indians who live on Rs 20/- or less per day out of abject poverty, & ensure a clean, transparent, accountable administration & governance. India has given a bad name to democracy. YES we may hate USA & the west, but look there are good things in their governing and administration system, which we can emulate & thus aid in the amelioration of the sufferings of 2/3rds of our population. The internet is a great tool to study & resolve problems, eliminating the need to travel internationally (at great cost & time) to study problem resolutions in the west.

    Have a nice day & let us all offer prayers & do our part for the 877 millions who continue to pay a very dear price with not enough food, clean water, electricity, housing, clothing, decent roads, at best schools with poor infrastructure, & daily hassles by the government.