Friday, May 21, 2010

Govt to sponsor 35 civil servants for a public policy course with a 6 months’ study in US

THE government is sponsoring 35 civil servants to study a 15-month-long Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy and Management (PGDPPM) at the Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon. The programme which will commence on October 25, 2010, will also include an international module of six weeks’ duration at the prestigious George Mason University, USA. The selected candidates will also have an on-job work experience of three months. The course is a compulsorily residential programme.
The department of personnel and training (DoPT) in a letter dated May 20, 2010 asked all chief secretaries of state and Union Territories and secretaries to Government of India to nominate suitable candidates for this programme in public policy and management.
In fact, the cost of the international component of the programme will be met by the DoPT whereas the domestic expenses of Rs 4 lakh tuition fee will be met by the cadre controlling authority.
The last date of nomination is July 15, 2010
For details of the eligibility criteria and contacts, kindly read the DoPT CIRCULAR, dated May 17, 2010
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Redefining the word “excellence” for government sports persons
After the government of India’s decision to grant incentive increments on achieving excellence in sports events of national or international importance, the department of personnel and training (DoPT) in an office memo dated May 18, 2010, finally defined what does “excellence” actually mean. It was clarified that sportspersons participating in sporting events (both individual and team events) of national and international importance would be treated as having achieved “excellence” for the purpose of grant of increment(s) if he or she achieves first, second or third positions in the finals of sporting events if more than three individuals or teams have participated in the events. If only three or less individuals or teams have participated in the finals of a sporting event, the sportsperson or team achieving first position will be treated as having achieved excellence.
No wonder, the government always achieves excellence in putting everything black and white!

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  1. Hope the course won't into a mere foreign trip and the successful guys make the most of it..