Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pune city police commissioner prescribes licensed arms for citizens “if necessary”; reminds them of rights to chase and kill criminals

A 1980 batch Maharashtra cadre IPS and Pune’s city commissioner of police Dr Satya Pal Singh, who has been in action since last Saturday’s massive bomb blast near German Bakery of the city, asked the city dwellers to go for arms license if necessary, and told them about their legal rights to chase the criminals up to the extent of killing them, in his blog written in August last year. His comments cannot be brushed aside as his personal observation as his blog is linked to the official website of Pune police.
“Police cannot be present everywhere. Though God is everywhere we cannot expect Him to give us protection if we ourselves are fearful and not alert,” he said in his blog posted on August 20, 2009. He then wrote what should be done for protecting oneself. “In self-defense we may go for an arms license if necessary. All the members of the public must know that they have the legal right to chase the criminals up to the extent of killing them in case of certain body offences and property offences”, Dr Satya Pal Singh wrote in his blog. He also quoted section 100 and 103 dealing with rights of private defence of the body and protection property of the society.
He even uses a couplet to describe why one needs self-protection.
Jamee par apni hifajat khud karo
Khuda to yaro aasmano mei hai
It means, Friends! let us protect ourselves on earth as God lives in only in heavens.
Dr Singh, who is an MSc and M Phil in chemistry, MA and PhD in public administration and also an MBA, also wrote why he chose to give such a prescription for self-protection. “No doctor can keep us healthy if we do not follow the norms and rules of a healthy living,” he said.
(In Picture: Dr Satyapal Singh with Baba Ramdevji)

Army’s second Officers Training Academy to be set up in Bihar
The Cabinet Committee on Security has approved opening of a Second Officers Training Academy (OTA) at Gaya, Bihar. The existing OTA is based in Chennai. This is likely to reduce the shortage of officers in the Indian Army. While the Gaya Academy will commence training with 250 officers annually, it will be upgraded to its full design capacity to train 750 officer cadets later. The Academy will also train officer cadre from friendly foreign countries. The project is expected to cost about Rs 360 crore.

Bureaucrats to brainstorm on e-Governance in Jaipur today
The 13th national conference on e-Governance has begun at the Birla auditorium in Jaipur on Thursday. In addition to a number of political leaders, some of the leading bureaucrats who would participate in various sessions are secretary, department of information technology R Chandrasekhar, secretary, department of administrative reforms and public grievances and pension RC Misra and chief secretary of Rajasthan T Srinivasan.

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  1. Is it true that police commissioner Satya Pal Singh is passionate about Yoga?

  2. Dear Babu Blogger
    Its very amaging to have Dr Singh triple of Master Degrees as a police commissioner . His couplets are also very informative. May his prescription heal our whole soceity free from the germs of crimes.