Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Govt launches drive to spot fraud in appointments with fake ST/SC certificates

IN AN apparent drive to spot cases of appointments made on the basis of fake caste certificates, the Indian government has asked all its ministries and departments, public sector undertakings (PSUs) including banks to pull their resources to find out such cases and submit a report by March 31, 2010.
Various ministries will now have to collect information from all organisations under their administrative control about the cases where the candidates got appointment against vacancies reserved for SCs, STs and OBCs through fake caste certificates. And those found guilty will be terminated from service.
“............DoPT should obtain information from all ministries, departments, PSUs, banks, autonomous bodies and states and UTs in regard to cases of false caste certificates
regularly with a view to monitoring their progress and disposal, so that necessary plan of action could be taken to tackle the problem for good”, the Parliamentary Committee on
the welfare of SC and ST recommended.
OFFICE MEMO on fake ST/SC certificates, January 28, 2010
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  1. Is there a number of how many Indian government employees, and officers in particular, were found to be using fradulent means of getting fake certificates to join the government? How many of them were ultimately sacked by the govt?

  2. It is a great step has been taken by the government... But would appreciate if they declare the result of this action...to say something and to get results is two different things...

  3. This government should feel ashamed of its actions which are instrumental in creating a situation of almost nil representation of Scheduled Castes at the levels of Directors and above in the administration of Union Government. When India became independent there were 43% Brahmins in the bureaucracy it reached up to 63% when Nehru died in 1964, it rose further to 71% in 1971 during the time of Indira Gandhi. The population of Brahmins in this country is merely 3% but they are controlling all spheres of administration of state. They have made it possible by denying Right to Education, Property and Self Defense to the people of depressed and backward classes for many centuries. How a Nazi could render justice to a Jew. This simile holds good for defining the relationships between depressed castes and upper castes in this country. When I say so, I am not referring to individual Brahmin but addressing them as a caste group. None so far has been dismissed from service for getting a job by production of fake certificate. Usually most of such fellows are from upper castes, they are regularized against unreserved quotes despite grossly violating the law. It would be fake and paper exercise only to identify beneficiary of employment of Fake Certificates.