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Cash in Hand: Suspended IAS power couple Tinoo and Arvind Joshi's date with Delhi's key ministries

HE WAS in George Fernandes’ team in the defence ministry during NDA’s second innings and served as a joint secretary as the fierce Kargil war was fought during the summer of 1999. And his wife served as the secretary general of Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIEO) when Kamal Nath was the commerce minister during UPA’s first innings.
But this power couple, Arvind Kumar Joshi and Tinoo Joshi, both 1979 batch Madhya Pradesh cadre IAS, are left with nothing in their defence now, after an Income-Tax raid in their residence on Thursday recovered a whopping Rs 3.1 crore in cash, jewellery and documents of properties disproportionate to their known sources of income. On Friday, Madhya Pradesh government suspended both of them with immediate effect.
The other serving IAS whose residence at Raipur was also raided by the tax sleuths was Chhattisgarh’s agriculture secretary and 1988 batch Chhattisgarh cadre IAS Babulal Agrawal. The I-T team recovered Rs 52 lakh from his residence and jewellery worth Rs 72 lakh. According to media reports, what was recovered from Joshis’ residence included cash of Rs. 3.1 crore, foreign exchange worth Rs 7 lakh, jewellery worth Rs 66 lakh, and investments worth Rs 3 crore. Their five bank lockers were already sealed.
Like most other IAS couples, Tinoo, a Bengali met her fellow IAS Arvind in the academy and later got married. A post graduate in chemistry, Tinoo Joshi later took an MBA degree from an Australian university just like husband who too is an MBA from the University of Wollongong.
Even in late 1980s and early 1990s, the Joshi couple held some important posts in Central deputation as deputy secretaries. Where as Tinoo Joshi served as deputy secretary in PMO (July 1, 1988 to January 1, 1990) and ministry of labour (January 1, 1990 to July 1, 1992), Arvind Joshi served as deputy secretary in health July 1, 1988 to September 1, 1989), director in the ministry of railways (September 1, 1989 to April 1, 1991) and deputy secretary in the ministry of coal (April 1, 1991 to August 1, 1992).
Finally, who are the prominent batch mates of Tinoo and Arvind Joshi? They include R Gopalakrishnan (Madhya Pradesh cadre), joint secretary in PMO, Vinay Sheel Oberoi (Assam cadre), Permanent Representative in UNESCO, Paris, Dr Prasanna Kumar Mohanty (Orissa cadre) and Mission Director, Jawaharlal Nehru Nl Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) under the ministry of housing and urban poverty alleviation, and Ms Zohra Chatterji (UP cadre), joint secretary information and broadcasting ministry. 
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  1. Dear Editor,

    See the endless greed of money in people at higher echelon in the administration of affairs of state. How can they have concern for poor and downtrodden in their heart and mind? Shameless creatures thoroughly dip in the septic tank of lust and hunger for money.

    There are many like them in the echelon of bureaucracy. In this country, the one who is caught is thief; all other thief’s are respectable upholder of law. There are many like them who have gone unnoticed after swindling huge money and rubbing the law on wrong side. Such is their mental tuning and training that lust and greed for money and wealth surmounts all logical and other checks thought of by human beings.

    ALL INDIA Services officers are expert in gross misuse of their authority in somehow or other fixing the benefits in their favor. The poor man is helpless and defenseless to such mentality. They have created categorization, reservation, specific privileges for themselves in the affairs of Administration of state. Even for small thing like house allotments, they have segregated the pools to various categories. Even the Ministries, Departments down to the levels of Posts are reserved for them to come on deputation. What else I should call it other than fiefdom and feudalism?

    O, soul of mine
    What is this land where lives all the blind
    Where darkness of false hood prevails

    Oh …. poor people of this land,
    What is this land
    Where lives all the blind
    Where darkness of falsehood prevails
    Where moon of truth never shines
    Where rivers overrun their banks
    Where evil doers are never in bind
    Only if you heed what I say
    Never dream of phantom grey
    Wander in the valley of graves
    Where lives you love in deep dismay

    Oh the aspirants of liberty, equality, justice, fraternity and believers of building a firm and unified Bharat, recline deep in the trench of despair of hopelessness as vultures are flying very low to scavenge your flesh.

  2. If you want to protect yourself against the wolves and vultures of this society like Joshis. Raise your voice loud and bold against them as we cannot hang them to the nearest Lamp Post as of now.

  3. But one should also remember that there are IAS officers who get framed for not towing the line of political bigwigs....they pay the price for having conviction..

  4. A number of netas and babus are not serving the nation but looting the nation. May god save our country.

  5. why only tinoo joshi and arvind joshi? outr of 1000 IAS officers in india 995 will have the same or more amount of money in their house.

  6. Joshi couple must have started making money soon after joining seevice in 1979 and what income tax sleuths discovered in their residence must be cumulative outcome of hardwork put in by them over the years. Corrupt friendly vigilance machinery could not reach them. They must have got very good or excellent ACRs all these years and their integrity certified as beyond doubt by their superiors. There must be many officers of Arvind joshi type still going strong with zero possibility of ever getting caught. such raids can definitely deter faint hearted types from keeping cash in ther residence.Income tax should also find out whether all the currency found hidden in Joshi,s residence was genuine or some one smarter than them also passed on fake currency currency.

  7. Arrest of MS Bali Chief Post Master General of Maharashtra while accepting bribe of Rs 2 crores is indicative of the fact that corrupt officers of allied Services are in no way inferior to their counterparts in IAS (Arvind Joshi types) That huge amount of cash and foreign currency and property details found during raid prove that MS Bali was an old hand in making money and not an upstart who got caught in the fist attempt not knowing how to accept bribe. If CBI and Income tax continue with raids many more officers occupying top positions and considered respectable would be exposed and go behind bars. But this seems unlikely. Already some people have started voicing their concerns by describing such raids as some kind of consipiracy by IRS to take revenge on IAS.But the sad fact is that vigilance machinary of the govt, is virtually in a crippled state of affairs and there is no shame and no fear of ever getting
    caught. It is the whistle blowers who are at the recieving end running for cover while corrupt are ruling the roost. Only yesteday one officer of Indian Defence Estates Service facing criminal proceedings under various sections of IPC in the Addl, Chief Judicial Magistrate Nasirabad for having sold conservancy items and pocketing the proceeds was promoted to SAG making complete mockery of Govt.,s own instructions. It is not that Arvind Joshi and MS Bali were the only most corrupt officers and therefore got caught. They were plain unlucky to get caught at a time when vigiance machinary is totally crippled and no one speaks or feels bad about corruption.Corruption is considered an important requirement for India,s march towards development. Crores are spent every year for foreign training of officers. What use is this training if it can not even dissuade officers from acting in an dishonest manner.

  8. Sir, above comment of mine which you were kind enough to post immediately did not carry my name and appeared as anonymous. Infact comments by readers under their own name look authentic. I wanted to give my name and e mail id but the procedure appeared to be complicated.

  9. whats is 3.1 crores compared to the 1000's of crores beings enmassed by the politicians. compared to their goondagiri and audacity with which they do things as they please (with corrupt police, right from the constable level), this is no big deal... lynch all the corrupt politicians (and the police) first before you even think of lynching civil service officers.

  10. this is all an eyewash...a labyrinth of myriad rules and regulations and also the lack of the will for prosecution will ensure Mr.koda is back in the market for some more action. The best solution would be to prosecute the zonal CBI/ Vigilance officials for dereliction in such cases and a complusory two level pay / rank cut.

  11. see this is fate of india. India looks strong and compact from outside. But the core is baseless and loosely bonded. There should be equal law and punishment given for ministers,officers and public. Altogether money speaks volumes in this country.
    the true real power and massive force right now is china which threatens the global by its strong aggressive march..We should learn some lessons like no-caste, strict-rules, stringent punishments, etc...

  12. the IAS COUPLE seemed have not toeing with some of the state ministers.It is too early to to libel the JOSHIS. Having crores of ruppes for any IAS officers is not a uncommon thing.
    what do we mean by saying income disproportionate to the kwown SOURCE OF INCOME,
    It is our sheer foolishness to consider only their salary( wich is Rs 30000 PM TO RS 200000 PM) as the source of income.In todays world corruption has percolated to every profession be it politics,academics(even in IITs, NITs),bureaucray,defence, corporations etc but it is most visible in the case of politician or IAS .

  13. Just wanted to know how many IAS officers have gone to jail. IPS offices like R.K.Sharma have gone to jail. I never heard of any IAS going to jail. Please refresh me.
    What happened to that Deoul guy from the Telecom Ministry who was caught extorting money from Telecom ministries on the pretext of security. IAS should be abbreviated as Indian absconding service.

  14. Post retirement sinecures.

    It is with a great sadness,impotent rage and frustration that I am urging a strong protest against the present practice of sinecures and post retirement perks for retired senior officials.

    Given the present state of umemployment in the country ,with vast majority ekeing out a living, these post retirement sincecures which cost the exchequer not less than Rs 10000/ per re-employed babu at the least are a drain and a slap in the face of the vast majority of the unemployed masses especially the youth.

    Senior officials are usually given assignments under clever subterfuges in state funded organizations in a brazen manner, and at the lowest rung this assumes the atrocious identities as supplement thier pensions. This is a new method employed the organizations like the CGA to reemploy their retired senior officials at a fixed salary. This is nothing but open loot by the senior establishment, and technically it has no DOPT sanction. DOPT and the Ministry of finance owe the people an explanation for the scam which has assumed gargantuan propotions, after what began as a sinecure for retired judges appointed to various commissions.

    ALSO the move to raise the retirement age to 62 is uncalled for as it is more prudent to give a chance to young blood given the present unemployment in the country than to hold on to cosily ensconsced older babus.

    This can also be filed as a public interest litigation in the Supreme
    Court..where ,a favourable consideration can be expected notwithstanding the fact that a few senior judges are themsleves beneficiaries of post retirement


  15. Abolish Classifications in Govt.


    Even after 50 years of independence, the vestiges of
    British rule cannot be erased from the civilian
    bureaucracy. It is with great anguish we pour our feelings out, and hope that the highest level of the

    political leadership considers it sympathetically and avoid any inaction by vested bureacratic interests.

    The non-class 1 i.e the Group B,C are an aggrieved lot.

    The classification of the services under Gazetted-non-Gazetted , Group A, B and C has created a virtual
    Aparthied like situation wherein we come across cases of Group A officers having a disdainful and supercilious attitude towards their non UPSC, Non Class 1 subordinates bordering on hubris.This over time
    crates an ivory tower mentality.What is so sacrosanct about this classification that it is leads to vested
    interests protecting their turfs and how can you have social justice in society when the civil service itself has

    such an inegalitarian hierarchal structure that it it in danger of falling apart if any other formation based on

    social justice platform like Mayawati comes to power at the centre. Before we go public on this issue, I
    suggest that the Govt. act on it and take some remedial measure before any social upheavel shakes up the very citadels of our bureaucracy.
    This has assumed such an Institutionalized setup that it almost mirrors the varna system in Hinduism.
    Everything is based strictly on hierarchy and not on value.The hiatus is too wide to bridge, given the
    sacrosanct nature of Group A.

    How sacrosanct the Class 1 scales in the sixth Pay Commission are, can be gauged by the substantial jump
    in some allowances and perks in the Grade Pay of Rs 5400/ and PB-3 and the virtual red letter highlights in
    PB-3 as 'Group A induction'.

    Lack of any lateral upward moves on the part of the lessermortals to move up the Varna system, which euphemistically is referred to as Induction in group A, and which is tantamount to a lower varna person being baptised into a higher one, has created a deep resentment in many talented employees who by virtue of bad luck could not make through UPSC and had to opt for SSC instead.This system,like the caste system, is designed in such a way that it precludes any latent talent in the lower rungs.

    Probably no other Instituition has this kind of divergence
    wherein a certain class of people are condemneded to stagnation for the rest of their lives ,however talented
    they may be.

    As a first step towards alleviating this historical wrongs,
    the Govt can make towards abolishing this classification into A,B,C,D and gazetted.Also any graduate in
    Govt. service in whatever grade pay should be made to appear for an exam and given an opportunity to get

  16. Such people will die "kutte ki maut"....I don't have words to tell, how much selfish and greedy ppl they are. Our country gave them duty to serve people and they have reached beyond all cruelty by eating nations /poor people’s money. Pls GOD gives them very bad treatment.
    In INDIA we people need to be united to raise our voice against this couple to have fair justice. Let’s start SMS flow like “No one killed Jessica” and put pressure on govt. for justice.

  17. After A Raja, Kanimozi and other bigshots like Sanjay Chandra ,Shahid Balwa .etc ..I wonder why this '2 take ka IAS' couple have not been put behind bars. About 12 more IAS officers can still be put in jail from various state as cases are very strong against them .Their number though is still small as compared to their IPS counterparts. 12 more IAS in Tihar will send shock waves among the community and be speed up 'jail reforms also' (pun intended) .Shame on the MP IAS community and the powers that be for not sanctioning their prosecution and shielding them..Can someone file PIL.

  18. today's youth struggle for food and comfort, forget about owning a house in our country by struggling youth..See conditions of graduates,engineers,MBAs,MBBS,they are all struggling...only few hundred make it to IAS.
    Students in lakhs are just very common people
    aiming for ROTI ,KAPDA only.. MAKAAN to bhul hi jana chhahiye..
    he cant own a small home ..Those officers,politicians,landlords who are corrupt are bound to steal more money,buying huge properties , much land is required for a family of 5-6 members..but corrupt politicians loot land in acres..Really we are blind.Or we can say we youth are not united.Struggling youth dont have time to get united to ask from govt why crores of rupees are looted..
    An IAS cannot eat gold buiscuits.But he will loot more and more..
    If any scam of hundreds of crores
    is revealed ,youth should get united and ask for compensation from respective state govt.after all it is people's money. Only unity can change the scenario. But every one is foolishly selfish.10th passed don,t waste their time becouse they ae preparing for IIT/PMT/CLAT.graduates also study for waste.then struggle for job .They work for many hrs a day for money which is less than .0001% what a politician can steal from consolidated/contingency fund of INDIA.this act makes youths t o struggle more earn little.
    They can spend whole day for work but can't give a thought for their own country.Any youth (Reader) may think of becoming IAS ...
    here he get to know how an IAS can earn.
    But can he make it to IAS ..A big NOOO.succes ratio is less than 1%.Suggestion is that instead of thinking illogically,become awaken
    and catch the looters smartly . Unity is key.

  19. Let me ask a question that deserves an honest many of you anonymous guys spewing venom against the Joshis wrote the UPSC and didn't make it(obviously) ?

  20. Joshi duo reflects the mentality of 90% of the Indian population. When our soldiers were fighting the Pakistani thugs, babus in AC rooms were busy making quick buck out of the fighting materials. It is really difficult to root out corruptions unless the doers listen to his/her conscience.