Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dr Singh’s prescription for cops

PRIME Minister Dr Manmohan Singh chose to air his message to over two million, or 20 lakhs, policemen across India when he asked the 61st batch of Indian Police Service (IPS) probationers in New Delhi on Tuesday that police officers should be well versed in subjects such as cyber crimes and disaster management activities. He further said All India Services play a very important role, and IPS officers have the privilege of belonging to one of the three All India Services, the IAS and Indian Forest Service are the two other Services. “I am very encouraged about the future of our country. I think you combine in yourself a vast amount of knowledge and diversity of subjects. This augurs well for the future of our country,” he said.
Here are some excerpts of what Prime Minister spoke during the address to the IPS probationers, which was also attended by minister of state for personnel, public grievances and pensions and parliamentary affairs, Prithviraj Chavan, national security advisor to the Prime Minister, MK Narayanan and the Prime Minister's principal secretary, TKA Nair.

Why IPS is Privileged?
As I said, India is a quasi federation. You work in various states, you belong to particular cadres, but you also belong to the fraternity of the three privileged services whose responsibility it is to use their knowledge, wisdom and experience that they gain through operations in various parts of our country, to serve our country, to maintain its unity and integrity at all costs.

On Highhandedness of Officials
In administration of justice, one increasingly hears complaints of high handedness of officials, sometimes they happen to be police officials. So I think it is very important that in discharging your responsibilities, the enforcement of law and order must be endowed with the spirit that is consistent with what is stated in the Constitution of India.

On Lodging of FIR
Recently concerns have been expressed that very often if people go to register a First Information Report there are obstacles that they have to experience, problems arising out of the existence of vested interests. I think these are type of concerns which must be addressed. It is the right of every citizen who has a genuine complaint to have an FIR registered.
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Babus in Demand
Delhi Development Authority wants to fill the post of Director (Ministerial) on a deputation basis. Under secretary or and deputy secretary level officers of Central Staffing Scheme (CSS) is eligible to apply.
For details, read the Office Memo, dated January 5, 2010

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  1. Its high time those at the helm see writing on the wall. If nothing is done to improve and reform the administrative machinery of governance people would start wondering whether it was worth waging a freedom struggle to free India. Things have gone from bad to worse for a common man who feels let down at every step of his day to day life. You just have to look at the public opinion being expressed through various means to know the perception of people about post independance ruling class.