Monday, December 14, 2009

Is bureaucrats' huge land bank in Greater Hyderabad a reason for proposing Union Territory status to the city?

CALL it a logic or falacy in the recent debate of Hyderabad's fate in the entire Telengana controversy, but a Maoist leader now argues that bureaucrats who have purchased huge track of land in and around Hyderabad have their own interest in disassociating the city from Telengana and converting it into a union territory on the line of Chandigarh. Maoist leader Kishenji told a section of media that nearly 40,000 acres of land in Greater Hyderbad belong to either serving or retired bureaucrats, and that has forced many civil servants to create this new controversy whether Hyderabad should be a part of proposed state or not. In fact, a large portion of this land bank is occupied by vineyards, he said. He reiterated that Hyderabad is a part of Telengana region, and it must remain so. In fact, after home minister P Chidambaram first announced that a separate state of Telengana would be created, there was a big debate how Hyderbad's brand value which was created over the years would be diluted to a large extent if the city belongs to the new state. Many analysts believe that land owners of Hyderabad would be able to unlock value if the city is converted into a Union territory instead. Ex-bureaucrat appointed as trustee of Somnath Temple Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and former chief secretary of Gujarat P K Laheri have been appointed as new trustees of the Somnath Temple trust. Senior BJP leader, and the Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha L K Advani is already a trustee there. BoI announcement: Posting Comments If you find a note saying "Comment could not be processed" while posting comments, don't get disheartened. Just give a second try, it would be immediately processed. Be a party to babu blogger's attempt to spot the right news in power corridors, and tell what does it mean for you and your life! Hey there! babublogger is now using Twitter Check at


  1. Who are those bureaucrats who have vineyard in Greater Hyderabad? Can you believe a Maoist leader?

  2. I think, UPA government should learn a lesson from NDA regarding formation of smaller states. All the three states created during NDA's regime are far ahead in terms of many parameters (like literacy rate, gross annual income, etc.) than their parent states.

  3. If third party stakes are to be considered all other 4 metros(Mumbai,Kokata,Chennai and Bangaluru also deserve to be made UTs. It is unfair to Telangana state to chip off Hyderabad which has been a part and parcel of Telangana for 400 years.