Wednesday, September 02, 2009

MHA directive! Don’t be late in office or go early; your entry and exit are registered biometrically

IF you are working with the ministry of home affairs (MHA) in Delhi, make sure you reach office dot on time. Home minister P Chidambaram inaugurated a biometric attendance control system on Tuesday under which all officials of the ministry would be registering their arrivals in the morning and departure for the day. According to an Indian government release, the Web-based system consists of 15 machines installed at various gates in three buildings where officers and other employees of MHA are housed, namely – North Block, Jaisalmer House and Lok Nayak Bhawan. The system became functional immediately after Union home minister inaugurated it by registering his attendance on Tuesday morning. If the system is extended to other ministries as well, it would not be easy for any of the five million, or 50 lakh Central government employees to take life easy and come to office late. Meanwhile, in a move that would curb random transfer of police personnel in the country, the government would accord two-year tenures to key police functionaries, except under exceptional circumstances. Also, the government would set up two Police Establishment Boards (PEB) in each UT, one for the ranks of Inspectors and above and the other for Sub-Inspectors and below, which will decide on transfers, postings, promotions and other service related matters would then be decided by those boards. Also, IPS cadre review of the states of West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh were completed, according to a MHA report card for the month of August. It further said that Central government sanctioned additional manpower of 6,478 policemen at a cost of Rs 199.15 crore per annum for the city of Delhi.


  1. Now the officials and babus will be more punctual in their works. Normally it is complained that govt officials are not that punctual...Now the instatllation of the biometric attendance control system will go a long way in changing such a notion...


  2. very good initiative. too much of carrot has indeed spoilt us,now its high time to take up the stick; and indeed take up an iron stick.
    A Delhi Babu