Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Time to break free: Politicians may no longer be able to punish bureaucrats by random transfers

IF Dr Manmohan Singh’s new government has its way, bureaucrats may not be at the mercy of their political masters in matters related to transfers. Politically motivated transfer is the biggest ever weapon in the hands of politicians to use against bureaucrats as has been recently demonstrated by UP chief minister Mayawati. If the government is able to convert the proposed Civil Services Bill into an Act of Parliament, the success of government programmes will be linked to the performance of bureaucrats who run those at the ground level, and politicians will have the least control over those bureaucrats, initial reports on the content of the Bill have suggested. Once the Bill is passed, it would first be applicable for IAS and IPS before the coverage is extended to other civil servants. Also, a new Central Public Services Authority will be established which may have sweeping powers in matters appointment, transfers and promotion of civil servants. If initial reports are to be believed, the Act will give more powers to chief secretary and director general of police in matters related to IAS and IPS respectively. Also, the Leader of the Opposition, for the first time, may be roped in a panel headed by Prime Minister himself in key appointments of top civil servants of the country. Babu Blogger’s Take: As Dr Manmohan Singh got a positive mandate this time round, his performance will be under severe scrutiny before he goes to poll five years down the line. The government will try to ensure flawless implementation of its flagship programmes, for which performance of bureaucrats at the ground level will count more than those of politicians. So, why are you waiting for? Party hard, and work harder! It’s the time for civil servants to bargain the most.

Bureaucrats allowed to fly again in business class for LTC For those civil servants availing Leave Travel Concession (LTC) anytime soon, air travel will become luxurious once more. The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has re-introduced business class for them, six months after the government restricted their flights to the cheapest economy class in the backdrop of the government’s austerity measures. According to the new order, officers and their families will be able to travel business class on LTC by any airline, if their fares are equal or below those offered by Air India under its LTC scheme for business class, a media report has said.


  1. Woh! That will be great. I can't imagine civil servants getting out of clutches of politicians. Three cheers to the new Bill. An official & victim

  2. Indeed that probably is the need of the hour for the beauracrats to perform in the field... India might become a superpower by 2020 if it goes that way... Cheers to vision of the PM...