Monday, June 08, 2009

It’s not funny: Japanese bureaucrats get lessons from comedians

MORE than 100 young transport ministry officials in Japan got special tips from professional comedians last week as a part of training to enhance their communication skill, a reuters news said. Quoting a Japanese government official involved in the process, the report said that by experiencing comedy routines, they hoped to learn more about how to speak to clients and how to manage their staff. The main motive was to soften the stiff image of bureaucrats in the country. This unique module was introduced in the training as they felt the approach was better than just listening to lectures for young officials, who are often tired from long working hours. Critics in Japan have, however, termed this exercise a mere wastage of tax payers’ money. Here is Babu Blogger’s question – should Indian bureaucrats be more humorous? Let’s start a debate.
Laptop for all officers above the rank of deputy secretary In yet another bonanza for government officials, laptop computers can now be issued to officers of the rank of deputy secretary and above for discharge of official work, an office memorandum by the department of expenditure under the ministry of finance said. The power to buy laptops will continue to be exercised by secretaries of the concerned ministry or department in consultation with financial adviser, said the office memo which was sent to all ministries and departments. There is, however, a rider that the cost of laptop including standard software shall not exceed Rs 70,000. The memo also said that the officer using the laptop would personally be responsible for the safety and security of the laptop which needs to be returned at the time of handing over the charge. The officer will have the liberty to have the laptop insured at his personal cost. A good gift to woo officers on duty! But remember, if you lose you pay through your nose.

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  1. Indian bureaucrats get all the required feed back from the enlightened need for outside court jesters